Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Orchards

Things feel very quiet in the orchard after the hustle and bustle of the harvest. The trees now stand still, resting perhaps as they shed the last of their summer leaves and begin to settle in for their long winter's nap.

I love walking through the orchards. Each season offers a different experience. Right now, there's a sense of calm and rest and a little bit of sadness as the trees stand bare. This time of year is so different than the twinkling buds of spring or the sheltering green canopy of summer.

If you were to follow this orchard row, trudge up the hill and through the woods (where our property begins), you would eventually come to our back door!

And here's a couple of monkeys (Hubby and Lucy), climbing on a John Deere tractor. This isn't our tractor, although Hubby wishes that it was. And if Lucy could ride shot gun, it would be her wish too.


  1. Your apple orchard is so beautiful - it must be amazing to see the blossoms in spring.

  2. what an adorable shot. a man and his dog AND a tractor. i think that may be every man's dream come true!


  3. I love that photo! Look how happy Lucy is (okay, hubby looks pretty happy sitting on said tractor too;)
    Ella rides like that with Dan- she loves it! She'll try to climb up the steps if he's on it and she's not! He's talked about building her a sidecar for Big Blue!:o

  4. So, so beautiful. What a view! What kind of fruit?

  5. The idea of setting out for a walk through that orchard is medicine for a weary soul. What a lovely allee (don't know how to place an accent with this keyboard) of trees. There is nothing quite like walking beneath a gorgeous canopy like that. And right beyond your back door....

    xo MC

  6. Hi Nelya, They're pear trees. Our valley grows apples, pears, cherries and peaches! ; ) Trina

  7. Joan xoxo a sidecar would be absolutely hysterical! That is sooooo cute that Ella wants to ride with Dan!!!! Hugs for Ella xoxo Trina ; )

  8. What a gorgeous apple orchard and home you have! Your dog Lucy is adorable too ♥

  9. I am speechless looking at that photo - your life is SO good...your hubby , your view , your pup - you are truly blessed.
    Enjoy - and I am so thankful to have found you

  10. Still a very beautiful orchard even wothout the leaves of Summer! I bet it looks spectacular with snow!!

    :) T

  11. Every boy & his dog needs their own tractor Trina! Maybe Santa will have a surprise under the tree this year for Tractor Man.
    Millie ^_^


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