Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Office

A couple of weekends ago, I tore apart my office. It wasn't something I had on my 'to do' list but it had been bothering me for awhile. The issues I had with my office were that I didn't have enough drawer space to organize my odds and ends and it was feeling a bit stagnant and dreary.

You can go here to see the original remodel.

So my goal was to brighten it up while also finding ways to improve organization.

I stole the dresser from the guest house (one of the first antiques I bought when I lived in Maine) because the desk drawers alone weren't enough to hold office supplies, stationary, telephone books, all my inspiration photos from magazines, my various three-ring binders, etc. The extra drawer space has completely transformed the function of the office!

I converted this antique picture frame into a mirror to help brighten up this corner of the room. That little door you see in the reflection of the mirror is a small closet where I keep our old, and very ugly, filing cabinet.

I made two purchases: the sisal rug and another slip covered armchair from IKEA. I like this armchair because it's easy to pick up and move, which makes working on the computer with Hubby a lot easier to do.

I stole the Matisse nude (which doesn't show up very well in this photo) from the salon wall in the den!

I also finally found a place for this little Eastlake wall cubby. I picked this up years ago but never really figured out what to do with it. Now I have it by the door for outgoing mail.

In effort to make this space feel brighter, I gathered up all my marble collections (the lamps and the bird baths), as well as this old alabaster ash tray. I'll use it as a holder for thumb tacts.

So that's what I've done! No big changes really, I mostly just recycled items we already had. Oh, and one of my favorite new changes to my office, is having the horse painting on my desk. It's one of my most beloved paintings and I just love the companionship those four beautiful horses offer.


  1. Hi Trina,

    You are such an inspiration to me. You somehow manage to make something that is pretty into something that is even prettier. I love every single thing you've done. And I especially love that you did it with things you already had on hand. You take the time to beautify your life and you truly are an inspiration to me.

    your friend,


  2. I love the painting of the horses. Makes me miss the ones at our place. I love to bury my nose in Sugar's neck and just inhale. Such magnificent creatures.
    Your office space is peaceful and full of light, which I imagine is conducive to all kinds of much fun to see the before and afters...
    xoxo MC

  3. Beautiful Trina! What a nice space to work in! It's amazing what a little more drawer space can do for your peace of mind, isn't it. Oh, and I have a very similiar marble bird bath that my grandfather picked up in Italy after the war. Love how you have yours displayed.xoxo

  4. WOW it looks incredible! I love how your cork board turned great!!!

    :) t

  5. Exquisite Trina. You have gorgeous things and a lovely sense of style!

    I love your office. I am coming to move in soon, as your home is my FAVORITE! Either that, or I am going to commission you to start finding me some amazing pieces like you have haha!

    Sorry to not have emailed you back yet. Swamped at work and dead tired in the evenings - have hardly looked at the computer.

    P.S. Yes, a dresser in an office works wonders. We have a small one and I want a sturdier, larger one. Much prettier for files and binders, etc. than an ugly file cabinet!

    Soon! xo Terri

  6. Hi Trina,

    The changes you have made to your office are great. Don't they say a change is as good as a holiday!!!! Really like how you have used what you aready have. Love the picture frame that you are using as an inspiration board. That frame is inspiration in itself!! Let's face it you can never go wrong with a slip-covered chair. Had better go and do some more cleaning, just thought I would treat myself to a five minute break (with a jar of Nutella and a spoon, naughty me, does anyone ever admit that they do that???). Have a great weekend.

    Tasmania, Australia

  7. I found your blog a while back and everything you've done to your house/home is beautiful! Your styling is impeccable and so inspirational! I am most inspired by your collection of antiques and artwork. You should do a post on how you go about selecting your antiques and artwork! For example, what do you look for?, etc.....Thanks for being such an inspiration

  8. Trina,
    I love your office! It looks amazing. Can't get over how great the horse painting looks at your desk. (wait til you see my marble bird bath collection;)- great minds!!

  9. Hi, I've been visiting your blog, and just wanted to let you know how lovely your home is. I'm very jealous of your 'office'-I would love to have a peaceful little room of my own!

  10. Trina with just a few tweaks you've really lifted this room to the next level. As always, you are such an inspiration.
    Millie ^_^

  11. beautiful!! you always manage this effortlessly timeless look. It just look sos warm & fresh. love it!

  12. I found your blog some weeks ago and I'm now following it. You have so many beautiful photos. Lovely office!

  13. Somehow my "recycled beauty" doesn't turn out quite as beautiful. You make all things beautiful - wow!

  14. Love this post. You have inspired me to clean up the clutter in my work space and to change the art around a bit. I could steal that horse painting right off your desk! Just discovered your blog and am adding it to my list of favorites! Looking forward to following you.

  15. Hi Trina

    Your office looks wonderful - I wish I had a room as gorgeous as this to call my own! Thank you so much for your lovely comment yesterday on our house and garden. Leigh

  16. Beautiful! Thanks for the eye candy.

  17. FABULOUS job! I especially love the repurposing of frames (cork board, mirror, etc). Great room!

  18. I have just stumbled across your blog and I can't stop reading it! You writing has such a calm tone and just draws me in! Your beautiful desk area looks peaceful and serene and very elegant with all the marble.
    I am looking forward to reading some more!
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  19. It looks beautiful, the dresser is a great idea, to hide all the clutter that is needed in the office! Have a nice day:)

  20. Your office is so cozy. I also enjoy recreating a space and making it more personal. I am trying to do that with my tiny office/guestroom. Not ready for my blog yet! ~jamilyn

  21. Trina, you've done an amazing job! I just found your blog today and have been sucked in to your blog for the last hour! I just started a blog myself (which is a very intimidating thing as I'm sure you know!) I just did a little post on your farmhouse and blog - it's beautiful! Cheers! Melissa

  22. i adore your office! the natural light is beautiful.

  23. lovely! i have recently been introduced to sisal...didn't know ikea carries it.....

  24. Love the office. :) My hubby & I are about to move and you are giving me so many good ideas for my *new* office! Great job...

  25. I also found your blog a few weeks back. It's inspirational. How's the dining room reno coming along? Keep doing what your doing, a lot of us truly enjoy it.

  26. Other than the comment you must get all the time- "I WANT TO LIVE IN YOUR HOUSE PLEASE"- I absolutely love what you've done with that corkboard in the gorgeous old frame. I have to attempt this asap. LOVE IT.

    Also am so excited to see a nursery in the near future?!

  27. Hi Trina
    me didn't know i was going to be visiting you for a while this evening.
    I noticed that you have the IKEA chair here & in the nursery. It must be comfy right? I am thinking about ordering 2 for my family room & love knowing that they are not heavy. I just recently ordered 2 white couch slipcovers from IKEA (can you even believe the prices) and just love the heavy duck and great quality.
    BTW it fits a Pottery Barn Basic Couch perfectly. Seeee, i still believe in white + bleach with kids & we have a black lab!
    I like your choices in new & old furniture. Love moving stuff around too don't you? Your office looks crisp & ready for inspiring.
    xo Lisa


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