Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Barn

If you look closely at the floor in the barn, you will notice that it was far from level. This is to be expected of course, but the sag was more than just age, it had a bit of structural problem. 

Over the years, the center post which helps support the upstairs (including the guest quarters), had become shorter and shorter than it needed to be because of the floor sag. You can see the many shims that had been placed beneath the column over the years. 

And this explains why. There was significant rot underneath the floor. 

The former homeowner actually had this fixed for us, which was very kind of him. Our contractor Matt began by opening up the floor to expose the structural weakness. 

And this was the primary reason. As you can see, this post was crumbling into the ground. 

A new post was installed beneath the floor along with a proper footing, as well as other structural components that would allow for two cars to be parked in here. 

It was completely level after he did this. Notice that the center post is in direct contact with the floor once again. 

Here are some of the rotten beams that were replaced. 

Now the barn floor is nice and sturdy once again. This will be especially nice once the snow comes and we can get into the car without having to go outside. I've never lived in a house that offered this luxury but I have no doubt I will enjoy it immensely. 

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