Sunday, April 26, 2015

Four Men and a Cast Iron Tub

Here I am trying out our new Barclay cast iron pedestal bathtub. There is a very long story to this bathtub, but I will save it for another day. 

The short story is that this tub needed to be moved from the downstairs east parlor, to the upstairs master bedroom (for the master bathroom) before the stair railing was installed this week. 

To move this very heavy bathtub, we needed FOUR MEN. 

Those four men included three very talented craftsman and one handy husband. All very STRONG, patient and of course, very handsome

I stood by offering little help as is usually the case when it comes to these things. 

I would normally be a little nervous about a heavy bathtub being moved over freshly installed stair treads. But since the movers were in fact the craftsman who built the stairs, it was comforting. You couldn't ask for more careful movers. 

And up it goes...

I may have been holding my breath until this point when the tub was past the permanent treads (protected by ramboard) and onto temporary ones installed just for this purpose. 

Navigating the first turn...

And the last turn....

And at last, in its (temporary) spot. 

This is the back of the bathtub, hence the plumbing access port. 

Here is a mock-up that Mike did for me (I love that he is so accommodating to do mock-ups, it helps me tremendously) showing the placement of the new pedestal tub in the master bathroom. 

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