Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kitchen Updates

The kitchen in the photos above has now turned into this...

This post was going to be about Mike removing the wall paper in the kitchen...but somehow, that seemed a tad out of date. This bundle of blue cabinetry, etc. includes the upper cabinets and soffit  after he removed them. 

As I type this post, Mike is back at the house (which is not far from our rental house) removing the lower cabinets. But before he does that, he has to move the upper cabinets into the dining room to make room. 

What a difference it makes to remove the soffit. It ran all along the west side of the kitchen and really created a closed-in feel, especially over the sink. 

That vertical box-like beam to the right of the picture window is an old structural post. There is also a structural beam running horizontally across the top of the oven wall, which is why a soffit was installed there. 

Both of those walls will be bumped out about three inches to enclose the structural post and beam, which will also make the room more square. This will create a deeper window sill above the sink, as well as a deeper threshold for the door going into the living room (where black plastic hangs now). 

The yellow mark shows the area of the formica backsplash. 

We will be meeting with the kitchen designer this week to review the cabinetry plans. I am very excited that the cabinets will be locally made. Our first bid for cabinetry came from our local lumber yard, which were considered to be a semi-custom option. It was suggested that they would be much more affordable than anything custom. They would have come unfinished (because we want to use no-VOC paint), which would have left us to paint the cabinetry ourselves. 

I solicited a second bid for custom-built cabinets anyway and to our shock, it was very competitive compared to the semi-custom option. The custom cabinets will arrive already painted with our choice of no-VOC paint, and all of the cabinets are made from solid wood. No particle board or plywood. 

Lesson learned...Always shop around. 

And as of today...

All cabinets and appliances are being donated to Restore.

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