Monday, June 29, 2015

The Front Door

Before I begin, I should clarify that this isn't our front door. Instead, this is a door with many features that we will be replicating when we rejuvenate our own front door. 

Although restoring the front door was at the top of the list when we purchased our home (it began with a damaged door jam), it will probably be near to the last project to be completed, along with the exterior siding. 

We intend to follow the example above due to its classic lines and prominent pilasters. It took some deliberation to conclude this after reading several books, looking at several other Federal homes in our area, and of course consulting with our historic craftsman.  

There are many intricate details that comprise the entry on this period of home, and each entry that we've seen seems to vary in scale and concept - for example, whether the sidelights match the size of the lights in the house windows, and whether they are aligned. 

It has been a tremendous learning experience for us that has left us with an even greater appreciation for historic structures. I truly admire the thought that went into creating a crafted home. 

After stalking this entry for a couple of months, we finally asked the homeowner for permission to measure, photograph and take endless notes to document his beautiful door so that we could replicate it.  

Our front entry will vary on a few details, but the measurements will help us determine basic patterns and relationships to work with. 

While looking for a photograph that showed our existing door, I came across this one Mike took of Steve Thomas and me. I laughed when I saw it for at that moment (late last summer), we believed we would be living in the house by Christmas (six months ago). 

Now our goal is August. The house sits quietly as we await certain trades to have time in their schedules to finish a few important things - heat, plumbing, etc. 

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