Monday, May 16, 2016

Around the House...

Mike has finally finished painting every room in our house. The library/office was the last room to check off, which feels quite triumphant. 

Here (above) is this room when we purchased our home. 

This photo shows the room after the paint has been removed from the floors. 

And today, everything scraped, removed, repaired, un-bricked and painted (just a few touch-ups left to do). 

I love the windows in white. 

It really looks like a completely different room, certainly much brighter. 

Today, Mike sent me some iPhone photos of the floor patch he is completing in the dining room. This area is thought to be where the original kitchen hearth had been and was patched in the past with modern lumber. The above photo shows two of the salvaged boards already in place to the right, and the subfloor over which the last two salvaged boards will be placed to the left. 

Last large board is in place...

And now the last piece next to the wall. 

Again, you can see the subfloor to the right. 

Here's the last large board in place...

And the final piece next to the wall. 

The salvaged boards make the patches as seamless as you could hope for. It really was worth the effort to use them. 

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