Saturday, October 31, 2009


I bought this landscape oil painting over the summer, unframed, with the intention of matching it with one of my antique frames. But when I brought it home, I realized that it was a really odd size!

So I figured that eventually, I would have to have one of my old frames cut down to fit (which costs about $100). Then yesterday, I was in the city looking through some antique shops when I came across this antique gold frame above. To my utter shock and pure joy, they were a match!

Both frame and painting are very happy to have found each other - I think it was absolute destiny! xo

Details on where I hung it will come later!


  1. hi trina,

    how fabulous is that? what a perfect match. someone needs to contact country living magazine and have them do a photo shoot of your house. i'm serious. the new pic on your sidebar is one of my favorites. beautiful, just beautiful.


  2. Oh good gravy...that is gorgeous! Love your blog...your taste is exquisite and I cannot wait to see your living room with all the new pretties. I cleared out exactly half of my living room the other day...for clarity. Love the idea!

  3. Just curious, do you frequent any antique shops in Portland OR? I have two kids (4 and 1 1/2), so I don't have much time to find good places in my newly adopted home. Could you please share your sources? Thx!

  4. LOVE IT!!
    What are the odds?! we both know, slim to none!! I've only had that happen twice and it feels like winning the lottery!! It was meant to be!!
    I looks gorgeous Trina!

  5. Yes "I" DO looks gorgeous Trina!!!! And I'm modest too!!
    I can hear you laughing, stop that right now!!!

    "It".... It looks gorgeous!:):):)

  6. Hi Gorgeous, I mean Joan xoxo... I knew what you meant. ; ) Trina

  7. Dear Anon. My favorite Portland antique shops are...Monticello Antique Marketplace on Stark, Stars Antique Malls on Milwaukie and also a few blocks up, the Sellwood district. These are the best places to find good deals and where I shop on a regular basis! I also just discoverd Madison Park in the Sellwood district. I got the gold frame here. Have fun!!!! Also, there's the expo at the civic center which happens twice a year - it's huge! ; ) Trina

  8. Trina, I love it! I am so envious (in the nicest possible way) of your wonderful collection of paintings. I totally love that style but NEVER see anything wee and beautiful like those. Great finds and good job on the frame!

    Been meaning to email you back but the weekend got away from me! Will write when I get a minute later this week. Could not find the Rowe chair here! ;(

    xo Terri

  9. It is destiny! How great for you!

  10. This has nothing to do with the painting/frame marriage which, it seems, is a very happy one indeed, but I just had to comment and say what a wonderful job you and your husband did on your gorgeous home renovation. I stumbled upon your blog through a Google search adn am I happy I did! You may come and do our house next if you like. ;)

  11. oh what luck!!!! beautiful!

    also, your orchard pics are just beautiful- so lucky!!!

  12. I love the painting and the frame! How wonderful for you! It was definitely fate because they look stunning together!


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