Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Little Alpaca Love

I drive past a field of Alpacas every time I go into town. As I drive by, I always think to myself how much I love, love, love seeing them. So yesterday, I decided to stop and say hello.

They were happy to see me.

They made me laugh.

They had beautiful deep brown eyes.

Some folks will tell you that they're apt to spit, but not him, he just wanted...

...a kiss.

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  1. This post was so sweet and made my day...months after you posted it!

    I am very much enjoying your blog and looking over the beautiful pics of your house and garden. The view of Mt. Adams is particularly wonderful.

    Thanks for posting regularly---I have added your blog to my "Blogs I follow" list among all the ultrarunning blogs. I am a working slowly on our house in between our kids school and sports activities and my trail races and training.

    This summer, after reading your blog and others, I was inspired to paint my dining room floor (old parquet flooring) white and I love it. I now have a tranquil Swedish-style room for some old painted antiques.

    I love the clean, tranquil lines of your home and style...thanks so much for sharing!


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