Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Picket Fence

Although almost too tired to utter the words, we have indeed finished (there's one last section to do after we put in our entry walkway) building our picket fence. It was hard work and it took longer than we would have imagined but we are both in agreement that we couldn't of hired anyone to do a better job. Well, we couldn't have 'afforded' to hire anyone to do a job as meticulous as us.

I say us as both hubby and I are each meticulous in our own unique ways. His primary focus is mathematical harmony, precision, and durability, all of which include a calculator, a tape measure, lots of math and a level. These things are foreign to me.

For me, meticulous comes in the form of aesthetics. If you remember, it was I who prolonged this project by insisting that we sand each (there were over 300) picket to create a uniform finish. It was also I who felt compelled to hand-pick each picket based on its aesthetic rating. Best pickets go to areas most visible, second-grade pickets go to areas of fence least visible.

Also, in effort to achieve an old-fashioned look, we were once again required to go against the grain. Something we've had to do a lot during our old house remodel. In regards to the picket fence, it meant going with regular cedar posts (which are naturally weather resistant), instead of the recommended chemically treated posts (with their awful pitted finish). We also opted to attach the rails of the fence to each post with screws, spackling and painting all of the screw holes, instead of using the highly visible metal brackets they insisted upon.

The fence offers a wonderful sanctuary to our property. Our farmhouse sits on 7-acres, three of which consist of open fields surrounding the house. The fence provides a separate space around the yard that almost feels like an extension of the house itself.

I'll post more pictures of the fence once we use up the rest of the pavers we have camped out in our yard. The pavers will be used to create an entry walkway and also to create the floor to our outdoor dining patio, projects that have been on hold while we've been building our fence.


  1. oh my goodness, what a beautiful fence. i so admire the way you built it with so much care. try and show us a panoramic view of it, if it's possible. also, what is the color you used on the exterior of your house? it is so pretty.


  2. That fence is so beautiful. Your hard work and meticulous approach was well worth it's strength, beauty and classic look. Kudos to you both and can't wait to see more pictures!


  3. Our house is Pure White by Benjamin Moore. We also used Pure White for the fence. Thanks for your kind comments ; ) More pictures to follow! Trina

  4. Things are built way too fast and sloppily these days. Thank you for showing us the beautiful results of your careful construction! Looking forward to more photos!!

  5. Trina- I swear that is the most beautiful, perfect picket fence I have EVER seen! You should send it to a garden magazine!
    I just read this post to Dan and I should have counted the number of times he said "oh my G."!! I was giggling as I could so relate to the rating system.
    I think dear hubby deserves a round of applause, as even I would have talked myself into the "wonderful" look of rough cut boards!! Can not believe you sanded 300 boards!! Love it! I think the screws were a smart choice, but again I'm thinking I would have talked myself into how beautiful painted-over screw holes were!! I bow to your meticulousness!!
    And I agree, I would love to see more pictures of your gorgeous property!
    Great job to you and hubby! j.

  6. gorgeous! i can't wait for the additional pictures....just love your blog... :)

  7. A truly magnificent job guys! I know how challenging this task is & I admire you both heaps for having the courage to start & then seeing it through without compromise. You will never regret the additional time & effort spent.
    Millie ^_^


    Congrats on getting it done, and getting it done "right" -- that's one nice thing about doing it yourself, though it usually means more time and headaches!


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