Friday, July 31, 2009

Roses and Huckleberries

What could be more lovely than roses and huckleberries? These huckleberries are wild, handpicked on the lower slopes of beautiful Mt. Adams. I got them at our local health food store.

The only thing sweeter than wild huckleberries are wild huckleberries that you've picked yourself. We haven't picked huckleberries for a few summers now but it's so much fun to go off on a hike through the woods with a pail in hand.

I've washed them and have them sitting out on the kitchen counter to nibble on. They're so good for you, just as powerful as the blueberry with its rich antioxidants. It is my goal this summer to enjoy each fruit and vegetable that comes into season. It's something I crave all winter long and so I want to be sure to embrace it while it lasts.

Aren't they beautiful?


  1. Dan grew up eating huckleberies from bushes on the farm; I can't say I've ever had one..... They look delish though!

  2. They look so yummy! Beautiful composition between the roses and berries. Pure & simple.


  3. love love love your blog! your country farmhouse life sounds absolutely pristine!!! perfection...

  4. p.s. could you please post the benjamin moore paint colors you used on your walls, they are so beautiful and is so hard to pick the right color! thank you...ann

  5. Hi Ann, Thanks so much for writing!! Picking colors is so difficult!! We did so many swatches and each swatch of paint looked totally different in different areas of the room! : + We used Benjamin Moore's Simply White on all of our trim and doors. We also used it on the walls (flat) in the dining room and on all the rooms upstairs. Opal Essence is the color of the downstairs guest bedroom and bath. The living room, hallway, and entry is Deep in Thought. The kitchen is Cotton Fluff and we had it matched. It is originally a Behr paint. : )

  6. No wonder I love your house so much! I think we dipped our entire house in BM simply white. It's on all the trim, the whole kitchen and bathrooms. We did the bedroom and living room in BM natural wicker, but I sometimes regret that we didn't use the simply white throughout. Thanks for the info.

  7. Since my hubby and I moved into our first home I've had a rose garden. To me nothing makes a house a home like flowers. We live at almost mile-high elevation and they've taken a beating with late frost this year, so it's lovely to see yours. Your home is absolutely lovely. So peaceful and a wonderful place for 2 special babies. Congratulations on becoming parents-the dream is just about complete, huh?


Thank you for leaving your thoughts. Kind regards, Catherine

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