Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring Cozies

Thank you for all of your kind, supportive words. I've forgotten how wonderful it feels to share such warm, positive energy with dear friends across this beautiful world of ours. It really is quite heart warming and so very inspiring. Thank you. 

Since I am still without my computer, perhaps I will begin Instagram, using the blog for more in-depth postings. I'm just giving you fair warning that things are not tip top shape here. I don't have the wherewithal as I once did to keep things just so. As long as you don't mind, I shall enjoy the incentive to start tackling some projects once again. We sort of collapsed in exhaustion after we moved in, but with the temperatures warming and the windows being opened for fresh air, I am feeling eager to get to work again. 

The above photo is our family hearth (taken with my iPhone). We absolutely love having fires. It adds such coziness to the room and to any occasion, especially the everyday occasions. 

Does anyone remember this? This is what the hearth looked like when we first saw the house. 

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