Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Slipcovers - for our car seats!

I am over the moon about our new custom made ORGANIC car seat covers. The wonderful Kate at Sassy Stork (whom I found on Etsy) made these and I am so pleased. 

When we purchased our toddler car seats, I did a lot of research (using the EWG web site) to find the healthiest/safest car seats that we could. We opted for the seats that were ranked the cleanest, but I still always struggled with the possibility of unknown chemicals applied to the fabrics during manufacturing. I also did a search for custom covers at that time, but didn't find any options that were organic (primarily, that used organic batting). 

Now there is an option, which is wonderful! These covers replicate the exact dimensions and fit of the manufacturer's version that we are replacing. 

Sassy Stork uses organic batting (cotton or wool) and organic fabric, for which there are several choices.  



  1. Which car seats did you choose?

    I am pg with b/g twins and due at Thanksgiving time! Just curious for down the road. Hope all is well!

  2. Hi Megan,
    This is our car seat: http://www.amazon.com/Graco-Ride-Convertible-Seat-Matrix/dp/B00BNQEZZ6
    Best, Catherine

  3. This is wonderful! We tried to stay away from PVC and flame retardants in everything but was impossible to do for car seat. One of ours I am very happy with (diono radian) but our graco seat still smells like chemicals to me after 6 months. I will be placin an order!!

  4. Wild, your descriptions and the pic make me want a custom car seat for myself in the house with the organic cotton batting. Nap time !

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

  5. They are pretty comfy looking. I wish that I had an awareness of chemicals when my daughter was little. We didn't think about those things back then. So happy that more and more people have knowledge now and that there are a lot more options out there too. linda r (phila burbs)

  6. Hi if I followed the link right, you posted a beautiful nursery on houzz. I was wondering if you could look on the back side of your rug in the nursery to tell me the maker of the rug. I have searched hi and lo for one- thanks misty

    1. This is misty I'm sorry I found were you posted the details on the rug thanks

  7. I too tried to get the safest and most natural carseat I could find - so excited to learn of these organic covers!!

  8. The car seats are beautiful.


  9. I do enjoy the simplicity of those covers, but what's really beautiful is how your commitment to wholesome living shines through in even the smallest details. It's not just about making a few organic choices, which is of course also worthwhile--anything worth doing is worth doing even in a very small way--but a way of living.

    Take care,


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