Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Knit Goods

Among my favorite cozy comforts during the chilly seasons are knit goods. My heart goes a -flutter come fall when the woolens come out of the closets and drawers. I love mittens, scarves and sweaters, especially those that have wonderful patterns like the mittens above. I have pairs with each of these patterns. 

These patterns belong to long gloves that extend above the wrist. 

Since having the dumplings, I've expanded my affection to other knitted wonders...

like this owl 

this mouse

this whale 

and ice skates. 

Then there is our menagerie of outerwear, like our raccoon hat and mittens... 

And our very favorite and eagerly donned lion, doggy and bunny mittens. 

Then there are sweaters... 

Amy Meier's wonderful mother knit this gorgeous sweater. She even stitched in a name tag. 

She knit this beautiful one too. 

One word - Fall.

If I were one to make New Year's Resolutions, learning to knit creations like these would be at the top of my list. I've managed simple hats and scarves for ambitious Christmas gifts over the years, but they didn't come easily. 

I had a friend in college who learned to knit from her Grandmother, and making socks, mittens and even sweaters came second nature to her. She would sit in a chair and just knit away, needing no pattern to go by, able to carry on conversation without pause. 

I think that is just so lovely. 

New Year's Resolution 2014: 
Learn to knit. 


  1. Lovely...what a great talent she has.
    Thank you for sharing. Blessing stay warm.

  2. I myself would love to knit more. I am a basic knitter. I can't seem to find time to sit down and knti once I get home from work. Laundry, dinner, children, animals, baths and so on. By the time I can sit down it's 10pm and I can't keep my eyes open to knit. My when I retire....

  3. I knit a little bit but I do want to become more proficient at it! I'd love to make my granddaughter sweaters, socks, and the like!


  4. Beautiful creations. I too had hoped to learn from my grandmother. She tried, but she was right handed, I left. I never really caught on. I do however have many wonderful hand knit items she and others have given us over the years to cherish.

  5. Aren't hobbies are the best way to spend time? Do something you love! I have found knitting to be a rather expensive hobby, and worth every penny!! Beautiful yarns are luxurious to work with and wear! I have a special interest in hand spun and dyed yarns. These yarns are a wonderful way to support small farms and businesses, and in the end of the project a heirloom is made :)

  6. What a lovely collection you have! I used to knit a lot as a girl and again when I was in college. I'm thinking of knitting our Christmas stockings this year and have been pinning some inspiration photos lately. Amy's mother is extremely talented! I remember she made a quilt for her granddaughter when she was born. Oh, I wish I could be like her!

  7. Wow they are all very beautiful...and I love the tags with the names inside.


  8. I took a basic knitting class 7 years ago, learned how to make a hat and a bag to keep future knitting projects in. Made a bunch of washclothes, blankets, and a superhero cape since. Then, last year, I taught myself to knit socks from a book called Getting Started Knitting Socks. I've made 5 pairs so far. It's so addictive! Especially because i never thought i'd be able to do it. Good luck on your adventure!

  9. I am a knitter. I love the blue cardigan. Is it a variation of the Isager dress shown in blue in the next photo? Someone was very clever. Love that little pattern from the SOAK company.

  10. Very lovely. I need to learn to knit myself.

  11. I live knits and that last photo of the brown heathered sweater is great!

    Speaking of the dumplings, as you were, any from-the-back shots of them in the foreseeable future? I understand wanting to protect them, so if it's not to be, I understand. But I'd love to see how big they've gotten!

  12. What a lovely post. I'm about to post about knitting this weekend, in fact. I have been knitting for many years, but only this year did I finally learn the purl stitch, and now I can make rib knit, cable, seed stitch and stockinette with what I've learned! It's a wonderful hobby.

    Like you, I adore knitwear, especially clothes for babies and little children. The sweaters created by Amy's mom are gorgeous! I hope to one day be able to make something as beautiful. One step at a time. I definitely encourage you to learn. You'll be happy you did.

  13. Those are some truly beautiful children's sweaters! Just precious! And with such classic designs, they can be carefully packed away and saved for their own children some day. My daughters wore several of my baby sweaters.

    The year I turned 40, I taught myself to knit. Thank goodness for online tutorials! Maybe when I turn 50, I'll finally learn to whistle!

  14. I love these images, but right now in Australia we have our aircon on. x

  15. I have always been a knitter since I was a youngster a New Zealand tradition. Mostly throw rugs now as I live in a warmer climate and we don't need the thick luscious jumpers here in Perth Western Australia. Now I'm hanging out for grandchildren so I can knit for them xx

  16. That looks like fabulous fun. I never got past my simple scarf.I have made a bit more complicated crochet blankets, but nothing like this. It is all beautiful. - Carolina Elizabeth

  17. Which style did you learn to knit, American or European? Some find one easier than the other.

  18. My daughter would love those puppy mittens, do you happen to know who makes them? Thanks so much!

  19. These knits, and images are so lovely against the white door. How much do I love that mouse, OMGOSH!
    So pretty Catherine.

  20. I have a cable knit sweater that is definitely my winter "go to" for cold, snowy days like today! The children's items are beyond precious…

  21. Knitting is one of those things I have never tried to do since it seems so hard. The tiny blue dress makes me want to try my hand at it. How adorable.

  22. Heather,
    All of the animal mittens were found at Whole Foods grocery store!
    Best, Catherine

  23. The sweaters are breathtaking. Already heirlooms. Wow. I think there's a knitting gene and I don't have it, but it seems very soothing for those who have the knack.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Take good care,

  24. The last one is absolutely gorgeous!

  25. Knitting evokes many wonderful memories for me. My Nana, who passed long ago, could always be found in her favourite chair, knitting needles in hand, listening to us while her needles gently clicked away. I don't knit well, but I have wanted to improve that skill for a long time. My Oma taught my best friend and I to knit one summer when we were little girls. She didn't have enough needles so we used Pick-Up Sticks.

    These are some lovely pieces. I have a small knitted dress my Nana knit for me when I was a baby... But so far, with only boys, it's remained tucked away in my hope chest. They do have a few sweaters made by their great-grandmothers. They make lovely heirlooms.


  26. Such lovely knits! Oh my, that dress is absolutely darling. Learning how to knit is a goal I have this year, not only for myself, but hoping it's something I can learn along with my daughter! We may be very ambitious - we have both knitting and basket making on our list! ;-)

  27. Kimley (kimzboyz) on RavelryFebruary 18, 2014 at 4:59 AM

    I highly recommend learning to knit. The internet has made it so easy to learn so much. has helpful videos of a lot of techniques commonly found in knitting patterns, and youtube is also another great source of how to videos. is site with amazing knowledge: a worldwide knitting circle with millions of members, an incredible database of yarns and patterns. I took up knitting in 2007, and it really is easy to learn as you go. And today there are such high quality patterns and yarns available. I love seamless knits - knits that are knit in one piece and don't need any seaming.

  28. What sweet words about my moms talents! Thank you :) It makes me so happy to know that you and your little ones love them just as much as we do.
    Amy Meier


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