Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A New Novel

My dear friend Lisa has just published her first novel, The Shoebox. I am so excited and so proud of her. I just received my copy and cannot wait to immerse myself in the intricate story of Peter and Maddy.

I'm also incredibly inspired by her for she is a dreamer, and a doer. Whether it's publishing her first novel, sewing a quilt, knitting a scarf (I wear one of her creations everyday), throwing an annual Christmas party, or making jam (she just sent me homemade cranberry jam) - she dreams and she does.

She also happens to be the kindest and most generous person, and I am so lucky to call her my dear friend.

You can find her novel, The Shoebox, at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Simply LKJ said...

Thanks for letting us know. I love finding new up and coming authors. And, particularly love helping a friend of a "friend".

Lee said...

Catherine I am so moved by this post. You are so wonderful to do this, I am so flattered. You give me way too much credit. But that's the person you are, you see the good in everything. I am so blessed to have you as my friend. I am inspired by you in all that you do. I love you. Thank you.
(Wow and you put links and everything. . . you are such a blogging phenom! hee hee)

Susan said...

Very interesting plot line described on Amazon.

Yuko Jones said...

This is so inspiring to hear about your friend, Lisa, who not only dreams but also takes actions to make her dreams come true. She sounds like a wonderful person with so many talents. I'm thrilled that she is now sharing her talent with us through her book. I see you have links to her blog, so I'll go ahead and check out her blog to learn more about her book & cranberry jam! Have a good day. ox

ctlogcabin said...

Best of Luck to Lisa !!!
Love the title and the short
description given on Amazon.
Don't we all have a Shoebox
Hugs ~ Connie xox

for the love of a house said...

How exciting! Congratulations to Lisa- what a wonderful accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Just bought it on amazon! Looks really good :)

Pamela M said...

I just looked the book up on Amazon, and it sounds so interesting! I look forward to reading it as soon as I finish my current selection. Thank you for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your friend Lisa!!
I wouldn't "judge a book by its cover," but that's a haunting, lovely cover. There are so many people who want to write, but few who sit down and make that happen. I think that's a brave thing, not just creative. I enjoy hearing about new books and new blogs--this is both. :)

Take good care,

pve design said...

Sounds wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing.
Best wishes to your friend and author.

Carolyn said...

Congratulations to Lisa for accomplishing her goal and for putting herself out there. Writing and publishing a book is not for the faint-hearted. Good luck with it!

Pamela said...

Thanks so much! Received Kindle for Christmas and just uploaded the Kindle version from Amazon! Can't wait to read it.

Julie said...

I'm in the middle of the book now. I can't seem to put it down! An EXCELLENT read! Very well written.
Books and fabrics are my weakness. Thank you for letting us know about such a great book.
Best of luck to the author. I do hope she writes more!!


Julie said...

Finished the book last night around midnight. I LOVED IT!
You really need to write another one, Lisa.

summersundays-jw said...

Love when someone suggests a new book and this one looks great. Just ordered for my Kindle from Amazon. Thanks & best of luck to Lisa. Jan

Lee said...

Thank you to all of Catherine's followers. Your kindness has truly touched my heart. Thanks for your support and ordering my book. I am very grateful. Hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Catherine, thank you for posting about this novel. I downloaded it and finished it today. It is exquisite. I've begun recommending it to friends and look forward to more books from this lovely author.

Your new residence is coming along beautifully. Best wishes to you and your sweet family.

Pat in Eastern NC

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