Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Flowers

Lately, it had felt as if winter had left us for the year.

Some of the bulbs have sprouted from the earth. 
A few leaves have begun their sleepy stretch. 

The feel of spring was so strong, I brought tulips and rananuculas home from the market the other day. 

I told the babies that it was time. 
It was time to think of spring. 

Time to dream of a warmer sunshine.
Bare feet.

Time to giggle over the sound crickets make at the end of a long summer day. 
Time to dream of fireflies dancing in the night.  

Officially, it is still winter, and this morning we woke to sleet and very cold rain.
But our hearts are singing spring. 

And even little soft tweets of summer. 



  1. Beautiful flowers :) have a happy week.

    Bee happy x

  2. From your lips to God's ears Trina. I am so ready. I can't wait. I"m excited because this week it will be in the 40's. 40's!!!!!!! Hey I'll take anything I can get. So tired of being indoors. Your flowers are so lovely. So pretty. I love your words too.

  3. Can't wait for spring and warm weather !!! Have a great week

  4. I am ready for spring. Can't wait to be in my garden full time.

  5. Oh I long for Spring ~ Sigh ~ we are supposed to get another round of snow. But soon ~ it will be spring ;-)

  6. How poetic was that post?!! I want your version of spring please. Sounds heavenly and perfect :)

  7. That is really a poem. So lovely!

    I bought some freesias last week and they lasted a really long time, which I wasn't expecting. The buds opened, too, and the scent was amazing, nothing like freesia perfumes I've tried before.

    Take good care,


  8. That was just beautiful Trina. And your flowers aren't too shabby either!

  9. Thank-you. After spending 5 nights in the hospital with my daughter, I need something springy. Lovely to bring spring early to one's home and heart.

  10. Lovely photo. It has been so warm here - hovering around freezing for several weeks. So it is feeling so springlike!! Yet I am sure there is more winter ahead. I did wake up to birds chirping on Sunday morning though and wondered if maybe spring has really started...

    xo T.

  11. I had that feeling today too, in Chicago. It think it was the angle of the morning sun. It was beaming golden promises of summertime -- so much so that I don't even mind that it's going to snow for the next two days. It's just winter giving us one last kiss goodbye. : )

  12. Trina I am so with the sweet hopeful words

  13. Lovely.:))
    Hugs from Mette.

  14. Great photo of your pretty flowers-spring is less than a month away so we can make it, what choice do we have?
    Your photo helps look forward to what is coming.
    Have a good week

  15. That is so beautiful a wonderful addition to your home. Although I do believe we still have some winter left, spring would be welcomed soon.

  16. Beautiful addition to your home, and a spring day would be nice although I do believe winter is still here and still very cold.

  17. I agree, Trina! I awoke to another snowfall this morning - wasn't "supposed" to hit until this tomorrow but it appears I will be snowbound for now. I posted a couple of times last week about Spring. I can't wait! Your flowers are beautiful...

  18. Tina, I am so ready for spring too! Your beautiful bouquet makes me long for flowers!

  19. Thank you for the little shot of spring. Very much needed down here!

  20. I love spring because it signals a new beginning. I love to cherish the past and look to the future. Great post!

  21. Lovely bouquet... it seems many of us are posting about spring... with longing!

  22. So true.....we have 65 degree days and then highs of 35......rain and snow today but the buds on the big old pear tree are growing bigger every day and the daffodil greenery is all up.

    All winter I've been cutting big bouquets of magnolia and nandina with the lovely berry bunches....and buying handfulls of tulips and alstromeria - just to keep things cheery inside.

    Catt in KY

  23. What a gorgeous spring arrangment. I have a milk glass pedestal identical to the one in your picture..Thanks for sharing.

  24. Your sweet ode to spring…as lovely and inspiring as those flowers!

  25. Yes! Hold tight. Spring is almost here.


  26. Jealous as I'd kill for some more cold down south. We didn't get any snow down here. :(

  27. I LOVE the colors of the flowers you have!
    Also, I love the "talk of the town" that sping is here! :)
    Looking forward to that I must say. Mye garden is full of snow, even though the temperature is warmer now, and the snow has started to melt. Thank heaven.. haha:)

    Looking forward to spring, having the house finished so that I can furnish it, and of course.. lokking forward to having my baby girl outside my belly:)

    Have a beautiful sping-week:)
    Love, Line(Norway)

  28. On of my favorite parts of Spring is the beautiful flowers. Can hardly wait for the first rose to bloom!

  29. Love the flowers! It has been cold here as well and your flowers make me think of Spring...and hopefully it's arrival!

  30. Very nice poetry many lessons i got in this poem.I love the words and the flowers were really beautiful and fabulous.Looking forward for more updates.


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