Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blossoming Landscape

As we drive through the valley this time of year, we never tire of the blossoming landscape.
Their presence is fleeting so you must try and commit as many scenes to memory before the landscape springs to green.

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Boy, that sure is the truth!

    What a beautiful photo to remember!

  2. Great photo hope you and your family have a great weekend

  3. So beautiful! The same beautiful miracle is taking place in souhern Sweden right now. I love the colours of the flowers on the trees! My magnolia is just about to open it´s beautiful pink flowers!
    Happy weekend!
    Best regards,

  4. wonderful!
    Have a nice weekend too.

  5. So beauiful!!! Great picture.
    I am from Australia Melbourne and I love your blog so much.
    Your photos, your house, your children and the lovely stories you post.
    We live in a french/country/antique house in the hills and we wake up to lorikeets, kookaburras, cockatoos and rosellas.

    It is such a joy!
    Keep your posts coming I love them...

  6. Awesome.... beautiful blossoming fruit trees.

  7. My first time to comment here and so glad to have found you!

    Beautiful picture! And I know exactly what you mean about committing these breath-taking scenes to memory. It is amazing how many blooms have now disappeared now that spring has come to our little neck of the woods. Makes you realize how time passes so quickly and we must savor each and every day.

    Robin ~ Southern Bella

  8. How amazing is Mother Nature! Love it!

  9. Hi Trina,
    Our lilacs are in bloom now and the dogwoods, the cherry blossoms are gone due to heavy winds. I hate that its so fast. Last night we had a heavy frost.
    But It looks like my lilacs are good. Peonies should be opening in the next few days. Irises, clematis are all blooming now.
    Spring is so great, Although it's been in the high 50's now and feels cold cause of the wind. Two weeks ago we were in the high 80's. Crazy.
    Bucks County PA

  10. Bonjour! This post is Tres Magnifique. Merci for the share! Wishing you a charmed weekend. Au Revoir ~ Chelle

  11. I never tire of your photos! And definitely flowering trees are one of the most beautiful visual blessings on earth! Maybe we appreciate them so much because they are so fleeting....

    xo Terri

  12. Beautiful photo. I can't wait to get home as the orchard down the road from us will soon look like this. I love the pics of your sweet children in the previous post. I am enjoying a visit with my 19 month old grandson this past week. What a cute age!! Blessings, Pamela

  13. Gorgeous.. looks like 'apple' country in eastern WA..

  14. Beautiful! We're still waiting for our trees to bloom. Can't wait!

  15. soooo pretty Trina! makes me miss "God's country"!!

  16. I love this picture. Nature is the most beautiful masterpiece!

  17. Wow! I am patiently waiting for my two apple trees to blossom. Almost there, in pink tip! Kit

  18. Wow, wow, wow, Makes me want to drive out into the country and find an orchard to photograph :)

  19. Good morning from England!
    Our blossom is up too and it's like sitting in the middle of a fairytale book - SO beautiful! You're so right - one can never tire of it, and the best thing is that the sight of it brings a smile to my lips whatever my mood. Your image is gorgeous!
    Paula x

  20. How gorgeous...nothing more beautiful that Spring blooms!!

  21. I also live in Oregon...three hours South of Portland in the Callahans. Right now it is GREEN and I am truly enjoying it before the "dry season" begins! Lovely photo...


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