Monday, November 22, 2010

The Nursery

The nursery is finally complete and ready for the arrival of our sweet babies.

At first we thought we'd wallpaper the nursery but we never did find a pattern we absolutely loved, nor a pattern that was in our price range. We also considered stenciling the walls but couldn't find a pattern worth the effort or cost.

I have been wanting to do panel wainscoting ever since I tore out a 'how to' article on it from This Old House magazine years ago. It turned out that the nursery was the perfect room to do this. It added a wonderful detail and even better, was very affordable ($200 for materials). The walls are painted with Benjamin Moore's Simply White in flat. The trim, doors, windows and wainscot are painted with semi-gloss Simply White.

You can go here to see what we started with when planning the nursery.

From the very beginning, I knew I wanted the nursery to have a natural earthy warmth. I find rich wood hues provide that warmth, especially with abundant natural light. I used white and gold colors to provide additional lightness to the room. I also thought that this color scheme would offer a nice neutrality for our baby boy and girl.

From the opposite end of the room, you can see the paneling detail and the antique French armoire.
Draped over the chair is my old baby blanket.

Update: we added a changing table a few weeks after I took these photos. The talented Patricia Banner from Cottage by Design made this for me! 

I wanted an armoire for easy access to baby clothes and linens. I also liked the idea of having a beautiful antique in the room and the rich warmth of the wood. 

Baby girl clothes are on the left and baby boy clothes are on the right. 

I chose a Da Vinci Jenny Lind crib in cherry to match the armoire and brightened it with white bedding.

I went with basic cotton bumpers to save on cost, but did dress them up by sewing white satin ribbons to secure them to the spindle railings. The second crib is upstairs in our bedroom where the babies will sleep at night.

I love the ornate detail of this antique frame and its beautiful gold glow. To go in it, I ordered a print of The Screech Owl by Albrecht Durer. In addition to the picture rail, we secured it to the wall as an extra precaution.

The art next to the nursing chair is a beautiful watercolor landscape my Grandmother used to have in her bedroom. I've always loved it and knew that one day it would go in our nursery. To freshen it up, I added a new mat.

The armoire mirror reflects the natural light from the windows.

After a considerable search, we finally settled on a 100% jute braided oval rug, which offers a nice softness to the room. We also like that the oval shape leaves more of the original wood floors exposed.

I bought this beautiful antique crocheted baby blanket years ago.

I absolutely love these curtains! They're a very lovely brown and white old-fashioned rose floral pattern.

Putting together the nursery was a unique experience for me. Besides finding the armoire, (which I purchased early on in my pregnancy when I was much more mobile), I wasn't really able to get into Portland to shop for things. All of the items in the room are ones we already had on hand, or were able to purchase online.

I hope that you enjoyed visiting our nursery. We know it will evolve over time and we'll be adding things and making adjustments as the babies grow. We're looking forward to welcoming our babies home very soon. xo

Here is a resource list of some of the items we used:

DaVinci Jenny Lind crib $199. (from Target)
Oval 5 x 8 jute rug $130. (from here)
Jenny Lund slipcover chair $199. (from IKEA)
Floral curtains $24.99 per panel (from here)
Antique brass curtain rod and drapery rings $110. (Home Depot)
Owl print $40. (from here)

Go here to read posts on the green nursery. 


  1. It's just lovely. What a special place to grow.

    God Bless you and your itty bitty ones on the way...

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. Aww...this is absolutely beautiful and adorable! How lucky to be having a boy and a girl. Good luck!

  3. So, so gorgeous Trina!

    Wouldn't have expected anything less though.

    I love everything - the square velvet cushion is gorgeous. The curtains are just perfect. The lamp is beautiful and the armoire just stunning.

    Sandy K

  4. So beautiful. I love how light and fresh it looks. Every special touch combines to create a lovel place to welcome your babies.

    I think my age is showing -- the older I get, the more of a worry-wart I become. Is the Owl Print o.k to have over the crib? Forgive me for sounding like Eeyore, but it's the 2nd thought that popped into my mind as I was admiring the beautiful print.

    God bless -

  5. I think your nursery is beautiful.

    I have a baby myself..and her nursery seems kid friendly..this one however, I fear that the little babies will be banging on that mirrior..I know mine bangs on everything.

    Also..might wanna be armed with a good stain fighter because I've had to change my share of poopy bed sheets! I've even had to replace the whole sheet set twice!
    Not to mention,throw up!

    I highly doubt that the beautiful white rugs or white walls stay WHITE..babies are messy...unless you don't allow them to actually go in their room.

  6. What a beautiful room! I love every detail. And what lucky babies to start life in such a wonderful space.

  7. It's absolutely beautiful. Very calming and so tasteful. Not long now!
    Good luck,

  8. The room looks so quiet and relaxing. And thank you for all the wonderful pictures of you!

  9. What a lovely nursery Trina! It' really a dream...

  10. Gorgeous!! A perfect room for sharing the many special moments to come.


  11. Trina,
    What a beautiful and relaxing room. I love everything you have added. I have to say the curtains are just what I love. Sorry I haven't posted I had some computer trouble and lost all my bookmarks, so slowing :( I'm getting them all back. Hope you're feeling good , you look amazing! Take care.. Julie in Holland xo

  12. Your nursery is so beautiful! You can tell that you have put lots of thought and time into making it a special place for your family. :)

  13. It's perfection Trina!!! There is so much to like. The wainscoting was genius, not only for appearance but also wiping little fingerprints later. The draperies are lovely and go so well with your entire house. The mirror on the armoire beautifully reflects the light from the large window. Everything is so charming...I can smell the baby powder from here. :) It won't be long before the second crib will be downstairs and those angels will be sleeping in their own space. My house has a downstairs master with an upstairs nursery. It was never a problem with monitors available. I think we all slept better.
    I hope you have a very special Thanksgiving this year. You are very blessed. Thank you for sharing this very special room with us. We wait patiently with you and Mike. xoxo

  14. Trina,

    This is gorgeous! I WANT TO MOVE IN and I would totally sleep in that crib to have that room. The curtains are wonderful and what a great price. I guarantee your readers will buy them out of stock today!

    You're in the home stretch now so best wishes to you!


  15. What a peaceful little room! I love the artwork and the paneling. So serene. I also have my baby blanket strewn across the chair in my children's nursery. My daughter sleeps with my childhood bear (Dudley) and my son sleeps with my husband's childhood stuffed cat (Jack). Having one nursery for kids is so great - except for when they wake each other up in the night to play games and laugh. Then, not so great. Good luck with the last phase of pregnancy!

  16. h gosh, it's just stunning. Simple, timeless, perfection.

  17. i squealed with delight as i opened your blog this morning. the nursery is warm, loving and very calm. it's peaceful. love the harmony of the natural light playing against the uncomplicated beauty of your choices. next 'squealling' will be the photo's of the lucky 'occupants'. thinking of you and wishing you all the best. kathi

  18. This is one of the prettiest nurseries I have seen in a long time ! It is also touching, the love that goes into a nursery is always wonderful but I especially like the way you have incorporated things that mean something to you ( your grandmothers print, the old blanket on the chair) with the very pretty new things.
    That is the crib we had .. I love the style. I love the drapes, I thought at first that they were Toile. And I love the owl. Gazing down, let's hope it does not mean you will have two little "night owls" :)
    This was just a very sweet lovely way to start the day, un beso, Candice

  19. Trina, it is just beautiful. Very elegant.



  20. Your nursery is just perfect! I love every detail you added - it's lovely. Can't wait to meet the little people who will make this wonderful room their home.

  21. Beautiful! I love the simplicity of the room. White is one of my favorite colors! So clean and bright! Such an exciting time for you! (Finally making a comment but I so enjoy checking in on your blog!)

    All the best and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  22. I have been waiting to see what you would do with your nursery, and I was not disappointed. I am such a color person and so addicted to my little things that I find the pared down simplicity of your spaces to be incredibly restful. You have a marvelous touch. I am confident that your babes will be very happy in this room for a long time to come. One question: do you have a changing station set up somewhere else? Wishing you great joy this Thanksgiving season ... a fitting time for the birth of your long awaited little ones.

  23. I found your blog through several others that I read. It's quite odd the connection that we feel with strangers through this new method of communication! May God bless you and your husband in this new adventure you're about to begin. The room is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  24. How exciting to see your nursery at last! You have both done a wonderful job - I just looked back at the previous incarnation of the room (also gorgeous), and how it started out with all that dark panelling - what a transformation! I love the way it ties in with the rest of your home's aesthetic - just because it's for children, doesn't mean you have to go garish, you've kept your elegant taste. What it says to me: tranquility, rest, security, haven, pared-down simplicity! A delightful solution to a girl and boy space. And I love that the babies get to sleep in your room. Now you are all ready!

  25. hi trina,

    perfection. i knew you would come through with stunning results. this is my idea of a beautiful nursery. i'm so thrilled for you two!


  26. It's beautiful! I love it all, and especially the curtains! I predict you'll want a table next to that chair... to hold a drink, a book, the baby nail clippers... :)

  27. Sweet Trina,

    Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said, lol.

    Can't wait to meet your little munchkins!


  28. What a beautiful & sweet nursery! I love the Jenny Lind crib... it's perfect for this space.

  29. oh trina, it is so gorgeous. as i expected, classic, warm and beautiful. just like you! those belly photos below made me smile so wide : )


  30. I'm in love with your simple design ideas!!
    I bet your babies will be so astounded by it that they'll sleep straight through the night :) My babe just turned 2 months.. the sleepless nights are worth it ;)

  31. Hi Thirkellgirl,
    I absolutely agree! I didn't have one on hand so it will be something I'll keep my eye out for when I'm able to get out and about again.

  32. that is so sweet of you to share the cost and source of all the items you used in the room. it looks beautiful and very cozy. I'll say a little prayer for you that the delivery goes smoothly. have a great day!

  33. Trina,
    Your nursery is just lovely.
    It's perfectly you and the babies will love it.
    Should be any day now! Can't wait.

  34. Hi Trina!! im your newest follower and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your blog!! Im new to blogland so im a bit behind, EEKKK! Everything is BEAUTIFUL! I have an interior design buss and doing 14 days of xmas trees and would BEYOND ADORE you to come visit! I have a GIVEAWAY too

    *ENTER CUSTOM FLORAL Give-Away Here *


  35. peaceful and serene, just beautiful! I love how there are so many 'memories' in the room already with your baby blanket and your grandmother's picture. What a perfect space for your wee angels. Heather

  36. Absolutely gorgeous. So understated, yet very well thought out. Congrats on the stunning room you have created for your babies!

  37. It is a beautiful, beautiful nursery, but it seems to have been designed with an adult in mind, not children.
    The white....beautiful, but so, so impractical. Babies like (and need) bright colors and high contrasts - it stimulates the visual cortex in the brain. I don't see any toys! The mirror will have to go as soon as they can roll themselves across the floor (but you can bring it back in 12 to 14 years), the owl print should be moved immediately. Once they begin to crawl, they will try to pull themselves up on the curtains - so they better be strong enough to support the weight of a small adult. (You don't want a curtain rod falling on your child's head.) Any high or heavy furniture (dressers, bookshelves, etc.) should be bolted to the wall and should support the weight of your husband pulling on it. (Seriously, I know a 14 months old who DIED when the dresser he was climbing on fell on top of him.)

    Take another look - through a child's eyes.

    All that having been said, it will be fine for the first 5 or 6 months (until they are mobile.)

    Sorry, I really, really am. But this is voice of experience. And I know I am writing what most of us experienced mothers are thinking.

  38. What a lovely room to rock-a-bye- your twins!
    So elegantly simple.

  39. Hi Amy,
    I appreciate your feedback as an experienced mother. We did create this space with the first few months in mind...and know for sure that it will certainly evolve over time as the babies grow. We did secure the armoire to the wall as a precaution. I am so very sorry about your friend's devastating loss.

  40. Trina,

    Stunning. What a beautiful, classic sanctuary you have created for your babies. We have that antique armoire. I love the owl print but like the other commenter, my first reaction was concern it will fall.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  41. Trina, the nursery is so calm and beautiful - just what your precious babies will need.
    Thank you so much for sharing the photos with us, as well as your resource links. The curtains are oh so perfect.
    I especially love all your personal touches (the watercolor print, your own baby blanket, etc).
    As always, your unique and beautiful touch is seen everywhere.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your husband!

  42. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Simple and classic like the rest of your house. And for all the "it's impractical" comments out there I have to say well maybe some of it is yes, but who cares? At the end of the day so many of these beautifully designed nurseries are for the parents. As if babies give a hoot where they are sleeping! So you enjoy your gorgeous room. In reading your blog you seem like an open, adaptable person (look at how you went to all that effort to change your dining room). Of course you know this room will evolve too.

    PS. My very typical 'we love to make mess' children have managed to keep our light-coloured couch light-coloured and their white rug white.

  43. Trina,
    I have been following your blog for just a couple months now ~ so pleased for your twin pregnancy and it is obvious that you are doing a beautiful job with the pregnancy (35 - 36 weeks!) and now the nursery. My "babies" are 19 today :~) and now stand 6'5"! They were and are an absolute joy. Your children are blessed to have such a wonderful (and beautiful) start in life. Best wishes for the next couple of weeks.

  44. Lovely!

    This was fun to see because I was about to order the Jenny Lind crib in white (and paint it a soft sagey green). But seeing it in a lovely room in cherry is kind of swaying me. Decisions, decisions...

  45. Trina I am back.:) I just realized you are not using the wicker toy chest you purchased. Please add it, it will look charming in there.
    Also wanted to tell you that white is THE MOST PRACTICAL color for a baby because everything can be bleached back to perfection. This room is wonderful. You will discover as you go what works and what doesn't. Everyone's needs are different.

  46. I am a fan of your blog and love your design approach, very calming and serene. I have been eagerly awaiting pictures of your nursery, and I must say I was a bit disappointed. While the elements are lovely (the armoire is gorgeous), it doesn't really look like a baby's room except for the crib. I think mainly it could use some color -- important for the development of creativity. I agree with previous comments about the picture hanging over the crib, which is dangerous once they start pulling themselves up.

    Overall, it's sweet, of course, and I look forward to seeing the evolution of the room as your little ones grow. The addition of books, toys and colorful things will really make the room wonderful and childlike.

  47. Thank you for sharing your beautiful nursery. It is so kind of you to let us in. God Bless you all as these next weeks unfold.

  48. Trina,

    You did a fantastic job on the nursery and I'm sure that like any good mother would do, you took into consideration the safety of your babies when you designed this beautiful room. (This is clearly evident in the extra care you put into things like double securing pictures and things.) It's so bright and naturally beautiful and will suit them just perfectly.

    Enjoy these last few weeks and get lots of rest before you welcome your little ones.

    - Maria

  49. Great job! So pretty. I appreciate the resources you linked, but have to ask - where did you get the plain white bumpers? That's exactly what I am looking for, but can't seem to find it anywhere. They all are either quilted or have some sort of stitching design. Yours appear to be just plain, which is what I would prefer (I think I would sew a little ruffle around the top of it). Thanks! Best wishes to you as you welcome your babies. And get used to the opinions of other mothers... it's just beginning! ;)

  50. your decorating ideas inspire me!

  51. Hello Trina,

    It is just beautiful and serene. I think it will serve your sweet babies for many years. I am a mother, and happen to love white . . . yes, it shows dirt more easily, but then you know it is there and can clean it! And white bedding/clothing is so easy to clean.

    Thank you for sharing your nursery with us . . .


  52. I commented before I also have a question. Where did you get your door handles/knobs from?

  53. beautiful, relaxing, the things a baby's room should be. amazing job!!

  54. The nursery is beautiful. Congratulations on the two future residents. I am sure they'll fit in just perfectly!


  55. Your nursery is absolutely beautiful! I love the way you use white and wood... so peaceful and calming!

  56. Hi Lisa,
    I know, I found it to be an exhaustive search for find plain all white bumpers as well. I ended up finding mine at (a place I ordered everything from organic bedding, to bumpers, to car seats...). And they wash really well. I had intended to sew on some nice detail but we don't have a fabric store in town so I settled with the white ribbons.
    Happy baby shopping!

    Hi Simone,
    We bought all of our reproduction hardware from Rejuvenation.
    ; ) Trina

    Hi Dianne,
    The wicker chest will definitely go in the nursery. I intended it to be a toy box so for now, I'm using it in another room of the house. I was also surprised at how small the room is! Things will need rearranging when the second crib is brought down from upstairs that's for sure!
    Always a pleasure to hear from you,

  57. Trina...the nursery is so sweet and so very you! So much so, that I imagine it will feel to the babies as if you are always there with them, even when you're not...hugging them lovingly with this beautiful room that you created for them. Every touch is so special, very warm, pretty and it has such a timeless yet gloriously turn of the century 'farmhoue' look, it couldn't be more perfect. and I love the little owl...he's perfect!
    I just wanted to share also that I grew up in a very European household (in L.A.), with crystal, china, art work etc...and from the earliest age, my mother and father somehow trained me to respect it all and there was never an issue with touching things I shouldn't (unless there was chocolate in it). There were no baby locks and things weren't put away.... I suppose my attentions were occupied otherwise by thoughtfulness of what would interest me. I think it's wonderful to have babies surrounded by beauty at an early age that they may grow to appreciate it and learn how to care for it...that concept seems quite rare now.

    Much love and take care...soon, soon, soon! :)
    xoxo J~

    (we have loads of snow!!!)

  58. Hi Julie,
    I recommend the DaVinci Jenny Lind crib. I mistakenly ordered the DELTA version (a lower end knock off of the DaVinci) and they are not made as well. When we returned them and received the DaVinci cribs, we were much happier with the craftsmanship and also their dedication to using hardwood, non-toxic stain and paint and BPA free teething guards.
    Happy crib shopping!

  59. Well..I'm VERY excited now! Can't wait to see those babies in that beautiful, beautiful nursery. It's perfect for all of you. And you'll appreciate that lovely chair and foot stool in the wee small hours of the morning.. Love Rachaelxx

  60. Oh my it's lovely! I used a Jenny Lind crib for my children as well and love the look of them!

    With such a beautiful environment to start out in, your sweet babies are sure to grow up to have the same wonderful taste and style as their parents!

    Kat :)

  61. Hi,

    I'm new to your blog and enjoying it immensely. I just love your taste and all the work you've done on your beautiful farmhouse.

    The nursery is so sweet as is your story. Congratulations on your soon to be bigger family. I think you'll be a wonderful mom.

    I'm glad you are sharing your process.


  62. You've created a beautiful and serene space. I love it! You should have very calm, happy babies. ;-) I hope!

    Maybe that was my mistake. I should have created calmer nurseries.


  63. What a beautiful room, so peaceful and relaxing.

  64. Hi Trina
    What a beautiful room you have created. I love every detail. I have the same crib in white and it has held up very well for us. I have been looking for similar curtains for a long time, I'm so glad you posted the link. The room looks very baby friendly and safe to me, I have found that it doesn't matter how well things are baby proofed, you still have to be right there watching them anyways! Thanks so much for sharing

  65. Trina,
    The nursery is a study in serenity. It is absolutely beautiful! I love all your attention to the little details. The crib is wonderful and I adore the curtains. The oval rug is a perfect addition for this lovely nursery!
    Hugs to you and the babies!

  66. I was so excited to see this post today! Thankyou so much for sharing, the nursery is absolutely divine. Classic and elegant - as is everything you turn your hand to. A gorgeous, gorgeous place to grow.


  67. So serene! And I also love those drapes. :)

  68. Your nursery looks lovely like the rest of your home.

  69. Oh it's so peaceful and pretty! Y'all did a fabulous job!

  70. Trina - that is THE most beautiful, serene, nursery I've ever seen in my life. It looks like something out of a high end magazine shoot. I ADORE the quiet beauty of your style. IT IS PERFECTION and will be a wonderful place for your sweet little ones to sleep and play in. :)

    xoxo laurie

  71. I love your clean, uncluttered nursery! I can tell a lot of thought went into every detail. What fun! I'm wondering if you are going to use a changing table?


  72. Hi Barbara and 'The Mom,'

    I just ordered a changing table! I just have to decide where to put it - upstairs or in the nursery. Hmmmm...?


  73. So beautiful and serene. What a great idea to put one of the cribs in your own room. I have twin nieces (they're 21 now) and they slept together in one crib for quite awhile.

    Thanks for giving all of us the "wheres" too. I really LOVE those curtain and so affordable.

  74. Your room is lovely, have you thought about hanging those beautiful quilts on the walls?

    Where did you find your curtains? I just love them!

  75. Such a lovely room, Trina. The room is such a beautiful extension of the rest of the house too. ;) I just gave birth last week to our first and as I write this I am doing a 4 am feeding but let me just say, every little thing you go through, plan, and endure during your pregnany is so worth it.



  76. How calm and lovely! A wonderful place for your babies. And IKEA goes well all around the world, it seems.

    Best wishes for the arrival of the two cuties.


  77. Absolutely Gorgeous. Stunning!! I love all your choices, you and your husband did a wonderful job with that room transformation. I too own a house where paneling/glue and fake wood wallpaper was overused & abused in every room! hahahaha...I have been there with the renovation experience!
    Congrats to you and your family on your upcoming arrival of the twins. What a special time in your lives :)

  78. the nursery is beautiful just as I thought it would be. You and your hubby chose some timeless pieces; pieces with sentimental value and plenty of places to put things as they grow.
    Thanks for sharing.

  79. So sweet and simple. I love the no clutter look. May your babies sleep peacefully in that beautiful room.

  80. You know what I love about your nursery? Well, besides EVERYTHING?
    It's elegant, it's simple, it's perfectly lovely. Best wishes to your growing family.

  81. Hi Trina,

    Two of you and your husband’s unique qualities in building your physical environment are: you truly know how to “exclude” and stay the course. What even more precious is that this simplicity apparently is a reflection of the way you live your daily life.

    Best wishes to your family of four!


  82. It's beautiful Trina!!! What a restful spot.

  83. Stunning Trina. You have limitless class and style!! Wish I lived closer so I could give you a big hug - I am so proud of all you two have accomplished with the house. Glorious!! I was so shocked when I saw this nursery as I have always dreamed of a soft, natural nursery like that and have just been thinking of painting my office walls white and doing a brown toile drape, so reminiscent of the look as soon as I saw the photo I was like "that's it!". You are so gifted and what a blessing to have had a grandmother with a fondness for beautiful things which you have inherited. The babies will be blessed to have such a lovely Mom and Dad with such great style and values too!

    P.S. Is the jute rug soft? Is it pure white or more cream???
    xo Terri

  84. Hi Terri!

    The jute rug is pretty soft. As soft as the wool rug we had tried before it. We knew we wanted to use a 100% natural fiber rug so it narrowed down our choices considerably.

    I ordered two of the same rug, in different colors to see which one I liked best. One was a natural jute and the other jute they called 'bleached.'

    We went with the bleached because we liked it but also because the they mistakenly sent us a round natural jute rug as opposed to the oval we had ordered. And I just didn't want to wait two plus weeks to have them correct it!

    And it looks more grey on their website but it's definitely cream colored.


  85. Thank you for sharing. Your blog is one of my favorites. I LOVE your beautiful, simple look in all the rooms you have done. The nursery is fabulous and clearly a reflection of you.
    I was involved in nursery design until recently and this is the MOST serene, lovely one I have ever seen. Nurseries DO NOT need to be all colorful. There is contrast in the room with the white and dark wood. Most important... all your personal touches make the room feel so good. You have clearly made a wonderful, safe foundation for your little ones.
    Congratulaions to you both.


  86. Trina,
    You’re such a beautiful person with exquisite taste! The room is lovely, simple and charming. It is unfortunate that some people commented negatively on your design, you obviously put a lot of thought into creating a very serene place for your newborns. You are a woman with a very strong nesting personality, I don’t even know you personally but I was offended when people challenged the “safety” of the room. Anyway… your blog brings me joy on a daily basis. Congratulations again on your precious babies.

  87. so very beautiful! may I ask how many panels you needed for your windows?


  88. Pure Perfection! Have a great holiday.

  89. What a lovely room! I always love seeing your pictures. Would you mind sharing some photography tips or advice? How do you get all of your pictures so crisp, clean, white, and bright? Any tips on camera settings, edits, ect?? I am striving for the white look but never seem to achieve it just so.

    Thank you and best wishes for your little ones!

  90. Hi Anon,
    Originally, I ordered two panels for each side - four panels in all. But due to the size of the two windows side by side, I ended up ordering two more panels. So there are now three panels on each side of the windows - six panels in all.

    Hi Cerissa,
    I use a Canon Rebel xsi with a 17-85 mm lens. Taking pictures when the sun is out always makes for better photographs. We've had lots of rain however, so the sun was weaving in and out the day I took the nursery photos. This is very frustrating because it's hard to get your settings rights when the light is constantly changing!
    I also Photoshop all of my images. I use the basic low-end version called Photoshop Elements but think it really helps improve light, crispness, etc.
    Hope that helps! I'm continuing to learn how to use the settings on my camera. I typically set it to P when shooting outside. When shooting inside with less light, I set it to M and fiddle with the aperture.
    Best wishes,

  91. O So Beautiful! Another perfect room. I really enjoy reading your blog and am always so tempted to "go white" after I've lingered for a while. Best wishes to you and your husband and your babies!

  92. Dear Trina, thanks for getting back to me on the jute rug!! I want a nice affordable bedroom rug and this one checks all the boxes. All your finds are just perfect, so beautifully edited! I already checked on those curtains and they don't ship to Canada. Darn it. Once you are settled in with babies and have some free time (say 6 years from now), you should start an antique and amazing stuff procurement business. You find the BEST things. :)

    Love, Terri xo

  93. Trina...I love what you've done with your nursery...absolutely beautiful!

    I'm sure it will be absolutely perfect for your is calm and peaceful...the babies will add such JOY to your life...they will love their room...I am sure!

  94. Very helpful! Thank you! I also have a Canon Rebel and Photoshop Elements. Clearly its all in the talent! I wish I could sit with you for a tutorial! Haha :)
    Can I ask what sort of steps you run on your images for lightness (clean, bright, white look?

    Thanks again!

  95. Hi Trina,

    I'm new to your blog and find it absolutely stunning! I think your babies will absolutely love sleeping and spending time in their room. My child also had a white room as a baby and had plenty of exposure to contrast and color through the many books, toys, and faces she was exposed to early in life, so please don't fret over earlier comments.

    As for your changing table - I think I would put it upstairs near where your babies will sleep. When the babies are downstairs, I would keep a portable changing station (JJ Cole makes a cute bag for just that purpose). I imagine with two this would be an especially good idea. Just my thoughts ;). Cheers!

    Mollie @

  96. Trina, it is lovely. I also love sophisticated children's rooms and this is really superb. The beauty of decorating YOUR home is YOU get to choose how and in what surroundings you wish to live. Yes, you will adapt as the babes grow, we all do, but I am sure your evolution will be simple and elegant From one mom to another. Find a lovely table by your nursing chair, it is thirsty work! plus you'll want to set a few things down and enjoy your gorgeous garden's flowers. Many blessings to you.

  97. Trina,
    You all (mom included) have created a beautiful home for the babies to come home to. I love how you have taken the time to think everything through and then leave room for growing.
    My children's rooms were very similar. Simple, white, calm & comfortable especially for mom & dad during the first few months.
    I now love to look back at how their rooms began to grow with them so to speak. Their personality is what made the room come alive! Not a bunch of cookie-cutter crap *sorry* plastered all over the place *sorry* but i just had to say something. Ahem...I also dressed them in white cotton during those nursing months...Clorox was my friend.
    Ok...enough...see you always send me down memory lane. Thank you though. You have one very, very pretty nursery, it's you & you should be proud of yourselves.
    Have a wonderful thanksgiving.
    xo Lisa

  98. Hi Cerissa,

    The steps I take in Photoshop are:
    1. Resize image to 4x6 or 5x7
    2. Auto Contrast Correction
    3. Auto Sharpness Correction
    4. Enhance, Lighting, and then Brightness/Contrast (adjust accordingly)

    The hardest part about photography is that what you see on your screen, is not what everyone else necessarily sees. So adjusting lighting is tricky.

    I could use a tutorial as well!

    Hope that helps.


  99. A gorgeous room to welcome those sweet twins too.


  100. I always say that simple is elegant and you have made the nursery that way !

  101. Trina,
    I knew your excellent taste would shine through to your nursery as well. It's a very calm room...exactly what newborn babies and moms need, especially moms of twins.
    Hope these last few weeks are easy and happy ones and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving ~

  102. Hi Trina, I love your style and house. I like the fresh and clean look of white with wood and brown. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Don’t miss the give-a-ways, linky party and Bavarian Christmas starting 26 Nov!

  103. beautiful, trina.
    enjoy being a mom. i can't wait to see the new additions!

  104. So perfect and peaceful! I am so excited for you.

  105. You're lovely nursery reminds me so much when we were preparing for the one for our daughters. The muted colous will calm them down, such as the whole relaxing atmosphere in the room. Of course, the room will look completely different after they are born, cluttered and full of stuff you did not think you be needing! But for the moment, enjoy the peace and calm, so to prepare for the biggest chang ever in your life: becoming parents!
    And just to get you in the mood: take a look at these website with all this cute baby-stuff: and
    best wishes,

  106. Hi Trina,

    Your nursery is stunning! Calm, serene, safe and very special. As a mother of two little ones, I have always tried to achieve a room of calm serenity, beautiful objects and a very calming colour palette (including lots of white). Now at ages 4 and 6, my girls appreciate beautiful things, they understand how to handle delicate items and love it when I make a room beautiful. We even go antiquing together (something they don't always love but ending the day with somethign from the thrift store makes up for it!). I have designated a room for all of their toys where they can be "messy" however they manage to clean their playroom every few days as even children tire of clutter! I am slowly evolving to an all white home and if ever you are in BC, be sure to visit "Little White House" in Fort Langley (or check it out online) for further inspiration as I do! I would also recommend adding a foot stool in the nursery as you may find yourself sitting in that chair alot and needing to put up your feet for comfort.
    Special Blessings to you and your family.

  107. OOps...just saw the sweet footstool, so scratch that last comment!

  108. It is so beautiful, and it was so kind of you to share it with us. :)

  109. Decorating a nursery is so special and brings tears to my eyes thinking of my babies rooms i've done. Your nursery is breathtaking, soothing, filled with such love your babies are going to be so blessed! congratulations on your soon arrival of your bundles of pure joy,
    such an exciting holiday season for you and your husband.

  110. Dear Trina,
    I am new to your blog and will spend more time getting to know you and your house through your writing and pictures. What attracted me to your website was the picture of your pregnant belly on someone's blog list :) and the name "country" and "farmhouse". I really like the look of your nursery and other rooms....white, clean, calm, so so pretty.
    Nurseries develop with children as you add things they will later need and put some things does not need to be perfectly stocked yet! Do not worry about children hanging from the curtains (!), you will be with them most of the time the next few years and can teach them not to hang from the curtains! I love the way your mom covered the shelves with white fabric...I will use that idea!
    The only things that caught my eye was the way you hanged the pretty pictures (I can see the line). But maybe you just wanted to keep the new walls untouched by nails? I am sure it will look even better in real life.

    Safe pregnancy and looking forward to meeting your babies!

  111. Okay, just gotta comment. First of all, your nursery is beautiful. Second of all, if you would have painted the walls in bright colors it wouldn't have flowed with the decor of the rest of your house. (I get it though, and most others do too!)

    I just had to laugh out loud at a few of the previous comments! People are weird. Of course you will have the safety of your children your #1 priority. And isn't it great that anything can be washed/wiped?!

    Here you are sharing lovely pictures of your new nursery and you wouldn't have to put them out there but you have. I think everything is perfect!

    Goodluck to you...we are all excited to see the babies and hear their names...those too, I'm sure will be perfect. ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving! Andrea

  112. I recently found your blog and love it. The nursery is pure gorgeousness!!

    I have twin girls (who are now 13)...I have loved every crazy, draining, rewarding, sweet, wonderful, sleep deprived moment of it. We were even crazy enough to have another baby girl 14 months later. Twins are the best!!! They have so much fun together, from birth on.

    I look forward to reading your future posts!

    Have a great weekend!!

  113. That is the most beautiful nursery ever:)

  114. I am so excited for you and your husband!!! My daughter and husband just left to go back to their home in DC with their 4 yr old son, Caedmon, and fraternal twin boys, Aldan and Theron, who are 19 mons old. So much fun!!!

  115. It's beautiful - the furniture and art are so sweet. :)


  116. What a gorgeous elegant room Trina - I love the way it's so multi-functional, not baby-specific. My girlfriend with twins found that even though she put them to sleep in their own beds each night, she invariably found them the next morning cuddled up together in the one bed.
    Millie ^_^

  117. So calming and pretty, perfect for your sweet babies to come home to.

  118. White is always refreshing, especially for babies. I am congratulating you for having such a beautiful nursery! I do like it, pretty!

  119. It's lovely Trina! Thanking of you, Mike, and babies-to-be in these last few weeks! Hope you are feeling well and able to rest up.

  120. Hello Trina. I am newcomer to your blog today. I look at all those beautiful rooms and I just feel so...calm and at peace.

    Congratulations on making this far in your pregnancy. I had my twin girls two years ago at 31 weeks, and I could barely take a shower without falling over from exhaustion by the end. But here you are decorating a nursery. Amazing!

    Have you joined a local twins club? They are, without measure, a lifesaver.

  121. i love durer's images.
    and i love your screech owl,
    like a guard at night.

  122. LOVE the nursery. Perfection.

    And where - Pray Tell - did you get those fabulous doorknobs? We are preparing to build a farmhouse and I would LOVE to find some of those beauties. DO SHARE!

  123. Hi Wilkinson,
    All of our reproduction door hardware comes from Rejuvenation. We got all of our door, window and much of our lighting there as well...all reproductions. They're great!

  124. it seems so lovely and peaceful.

    merry christmas and God bless.


  125. LOVE how neutral it is... will DEF have to steal some ideas for ours

  126. I would just love to know. I see one crib. Will both babies sleep in the same crib?
    The room is stunning and so uncluttered. Love it!

  127. Hello,

    I just stumbled upon your blog. I almost purchased that exact crib a few months ago - has it been sturdy and held up for your family???

    Thank you!

    Whitney Marvel

  128. Hi, I would just LOVE it if you could send me a close up of the baby blanket. It's exactly what I want to make for my little one due in Jan. I've been looking for patterns, but unable to find anything like it. A picture would sure help me along my way of figuring it out!!

  129. This is beautiful! I adore the curtains. Where did they come from?

  130. Hi! The link to the curtains no longer works. Where were they purchased? Best!

  131. You mentioned the faux paneling being a This Old House tutorial. Would you happen to have a link to those instructions? It's just the sort of thing I'd like to do in the dining room of the 1850s farmhouse we just bought. My husband is a pretty hand DIY'er, but he'd love some instructions so he doesn't have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak! Thanks!


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