Friday, December 18, 2009

My Favorite Bread Board

 I received so many lovely comments on my collection of bread boards! The first thing I thought was that I hope the one with the pomegranate stain wasn't front and center! Also, that these are just our everyday bread boards - not even my old antique ones!

So I thought I'd just share with you my most favorite bread board of all. And it is literally, a bread board. Just for bread.

I found this in an antique store for just $20 - hand carved knife included. I was hysterically excited and remember coming home and putting it on the table in front of Hubby and asking him to just take a moment to absorb our good fortune.

I have to say that one thing that drives me crazy about Hubby is that when I find a bargain and ask him to guess (why do I do it?) how much he thinks I got it for...he always guesses too low. So then suddenly my bargain price comes off (not to me, to him) as not such a bargain! Can anyone relate to this?

I am in the full throes of working on the living room. I thought perhaps I could take some pictures today but it's looking very gray outside so there may not be enough light for picture taking.


  1. I'm a hubby who happens to do the bargain-hunting for antiques and flea market finds, I would less than honest if I said I could relate, Trina. Thankfully, most of the purchases I make wifey also feels they are good deals.

    Your problem may be due to the fact that your hubby doesn't do the shopping, so he's not aware of what exaclty is a bargain, especially when it comes to "old junk" that he may think should be close to free. :-) that's the setiment I've gotten from people who don't have an eye for the value of vintage and antique objects.


  2. Hi Shannon, You are so right! Hubby doesn't do the shopping - ANY shopping for that matter...he absolutely loathes it! My jaw dropped recently when I found him in our local hardware store trying on clothes! When I walked up to him, I asked him if he had found something nice to buy. He did. It was adorable of course but it occurred to me how much the stars have to align just so for him to shop! xoxo Trina

  3. I have one of these as well and they're perfect for cutting a slice off a loaf! Mine, I think, cost more than $20 but I still considered it a bargain!

  4. What a great bread board! You know what I do before I announce the price I paid? I make a sheepish face and ask my husband to guess. Then he thinks the worst, and is relieved -- or thrilled! -- to hear the actual price. Trust me, it's much more gratifying!!

  5. I can totally relate...I start getting nervous and self-concious that what I had thought was an amazing deal moments earlier is suddenly not such a great deal anymore when it comes to telling Fiance.....don't tell but I sometimes fudge my answer to be without a doubt a good deal!

  6. Gorgeous breadboards - you have a great eye and find the BEST stuff. I am seriously considering a vacation to hire you as my antiques consultant for a weekend. Are you up for it? haha.

    The red transferware is Sooooooo nice- I just love it and adore the open shelving and your cedar boughs. Nice touch girl!

    You are making me learn great patience waiting for your living room furniture photos...I cannot wait. Isn't it sad when strangers' happiness relies on you? haha.

    Have a great holiday and gorgeous decor!!!!! You're the best. Love those oil paintings most I think...

    xo Terri

  7. It's beautiful! You just know someone carved that with love. xo

  8. Hi Trina,

    My husband is a farmer and I think because he doesn't get into town much when he does it's like he has tunnel vision, focuses on the thing he came for, doesn't even look at the rest. When I have bought something I have to admit that I stretch the truth abit (only a bit) for example if something is $54.95 I might say $50.00 and if something is $19.95 I don't say $20.00 it is the $19.95 'cause I think it's how it sounds when you say it. Slightly dishonest I know, naughty me! Thanks for sharing. Better go as it's the wee hours of the morning here.
    Take Care
    Tasmania, Australia

  9. Hurry---more pictures please! Plus,,the Bread knife is FANTASTIC. Merry Christmas.

  10. I lingered here a good long while taking in your brilliant posts. You have a good eye for beauty and elegant.I'll call from time to time to see how you keep.
    Warm regards,

  11. The bread looks delicious too...
    xoxo MC

  12. Hi Trina,

    LOVE you breadboards. So classic and beautiful. I love collecting useful items.

    Since my husband doesn't shop at all either, he really has no idea of the price of anything. Every once in a while I'll ask him to guess the price of something, really just for the fun of it. He is never even close!


  13. I had to laugh at your comment about your husband's comment about bargains. I have the same experience. It's ok---they just don't know what we know.

    I once, to prove a point, resold some wonderful antique bargains--just to show him that I could make a BIG profit. To this day, I wish I still owned those items. I've seen them for 10X more than I paid for them. What were they? A child's size cupboard (would have been darling hanging on a wall), a child's size oval table (great beside a chair) and a child's chair (a real treasure.)


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