Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We will be enjoying this year's Thanksgiving holiday with Hubby's family in Wisconsin. But spending the holiday away from home, didn't stop me from enjoying a Thanksgiving table - minus the turkey and all the trimmings!

I got the spray roses at the grocery store. I love the color.

I dusted off my Thanksgiving dessert plates and polished one of my Grandmother's old server knives. Did someone say pumpkin pie? ; )

I got the wreath for the front door but it's been so windy these days that I decided to hang it on the dining cabinet instead.

I love the simple yet intricate detail of the overlapping wheat.

I'm sending you the warmest, most beautiful Thanksgiving wishes...Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Hi Trina,

    A very quick hello today and my very best wishes to you wishing you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. We obviously don't have it here in Australia, so what I understand of it, it is a time for family and a traditional meal. Pumpkin pie is nearly always on the menu from what I can gather (I am very curious to know what it tastes like) but above all it sounds like it is centred around family time. Be safe will "call in" again soon
    Take Care
    Tasmania, Australia

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!! Ann

  3. Beautiful images, Trina! Enjoy your Thanksgiving. :-)


  4. Hi Trina,

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving. Your table setting is beautiful. I wish I could pop over and enjoy a piece of pie and coffee and talk paint colors and decorating all day. Wouldn't that be fun.

    Your Friend

  5. Hi Janet,
    It would be so much fun! xoxo Happy Thanksgiving to to you after the holiday! xoTrina

  6. Hi Janine,
    I found a silver vase (similiar to what I have on my nightstand) online! I came across some information on them in "Southern Living" magazine a few weeks ago and ended up saving the article. I'll give you more details when I get home! xoxoTrina

  7. Simply beautiful! You should post it on "Tablescape Thursday"! --Delores

  8. Wishing you and hubby a wonderful Thanksgiving Trina!
    Your table is lovely and I adore the wheat wreath! Your dining room is just beautiful in these photos.
    Bon Journey my friend!

  9. Beautiful blog and lovely tablescape. I read your blog and felt validated that I am not the only one who has tested her home for environmental issues like lead.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving Trina, your table is lovely. There is nothing more welcoming and beautiful on a table than orange roses. Safe travels-
    xo MC

  11. Beautiful tablesetting! Happy thanskgiving to you as well!

  12. Your table setting looks so beautiful. I love the wreath - it looks fabulous on the cabinet. Hope you have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. Leigh

  13. I understand of it, it is a time for family and a traditional meal. Pumpkin pie is nearly always on the menu .

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  14. Hello from norway

    you have a beautiful blog that gives me lots of inspiration.
    Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

    Linda C.

  15. Love your blog and your farmhouse!!



  16. Simply stunning...

    Warm blessings,


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