Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Couch and Chairs!

After a long and exhaustive search that included the criteria of fabulous, affordable and well-made, we have finally found a couch for the living room.

The furniture store was having a special sale where all fabrics, no matter what grade you chose, were priced at the lowest grade fabric price! You can imagine how exciting it was to look at fabrics with no regard for cost. This freedom led us to a beautiful neutral velvet called 'Tarragon' and it's very luxurious.

We also found a beautiful chair, which was on sale and included the same special savings on the fabric. So we ordered two of these chairs to flank either side of the fireplace. For these, we chose a linen-esque fabric that is several shades lighter than the velvet.

Due to these purchases, we've started to spruce up the living room before the new furniture arrives (which will be six to eight weeks). The biggest change is that we've decided to relocate the old Karastan rug to the guest house. The following picture shows the room with the Karastan just before we rolled it up.

Below is the room after we rolled it up. It was absolutely amazing to see how much brighter the room became. This room already gets a lot of light due to all the windows but the room truly glows without the heaviness of the dark rug.

The room is pretty empty right now because we stole the couch that was in here for the den (photos soon to follow!). Then after I rolled up the Karastan this past weekend, I thought we'd start with a clean slate and continued to remove all tables, artwork and lamps.

The new couch will face the fireplace. The two new chairs will flank each side of the fireplace. We'll add a new natural fiber rug for floor. The antique mirror (a Great-Great Grandparents piece), will remain but I would like to think of something new and fresh for the mantle.

I'm going to go through some of my magazines to look for some ideas! Any suggestions?


  1. Amazing change! The rug absorbed all that reflective light - your shiny floor lets the sunlight dance around! Great choices - waiting for the delivery

  2. very nice! velvet couches are luxurious, good choice. the chairs have a great form--stylish and comfy. I bet you're counting the days!

  3. Hi Trina,

    Oh, I just love your new furniture and fabric choices. I love bare wood floors also. I mean I do like rugs but I just like the easiness of a bare floor. I know most decorators say you need a rug to ground the room but my personal preference is bare. Such a beautiful mantle. I know you'll come up with something spectacular. Your flower arrangements are always beautiful. Maybe 2 ferns, w/all that wonderful light. Now the hard part, waiting!

  4. Hi Janet, Oops, as I was brushing my teeth last night (lots of serious thinking goes on at this time ; ), when I realized that I forgot to mention that we're putting down a natural fiber rug. (I added a line just now). Seagrass, jute, sisal...not sure which, but with an old dog in the house, I don't think she'd like the bare floors. They are pretty though - it's really too bad how many gorgeous floors get covered with rugs! xoTrina

  5. Love the sound of your new purchases Trina! It's always great to get a bargain, sort of makes parting with your hard-earned dosh a little easier. (That's what I always tell Mr Closed Wallet MOTH anyways!)
    Millie ^_^

  6. I have THE SAME rug in my living room now and I keep thinking about changing it. My walls and fireplace are all white and I have canvas color drapes, but I think the rug is weighing me down. I've seen the picts of your new rug and love it. I think when I go to make a new rug purchase it will be something neutral like that.

    By the way, I love your kitchen too!


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