Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Bedroom Rug

This is our new bedroom rug. I found this sisal-looking, but 100% jute, rug at The Company Store. Thanks to a great coupon (SAVENOW), I saved enough money that made shipping and handling free. The rug is a 9x12, so the savings was significant.

I also just moved this antique chair up from the den. Hubby doesn't like this chair because I tell him not to sit in it. Why he asks, do we have a chair you cannot sit in? Well, it's pretty for one, fragile for two, and it's been in my family for four generations. So here it is, next to my nightstand.

The vase of roses are from my 'last clippings' post. The first night I put them by my bedside, I was literally delirious with their intoxicating fragrance. I can't stop breathing in their delicate beauty as I know it will be awhile before I smell that heavenly fragrance again.


  1. Hi Trina,

    Your chair is really beautiful and I would be the same too and not let anyone sit on it. The rest of your bedroom is gorgeous and suits the style of the house so well. Have a good day. Bye for now.

    Tasmania, Australia

  2. Hi Trina,

    That's so funny. We have a few pieces of furniture around here that have rules attached to them. My husband is pretty good spirited about it too. I know what you mean about the roses. I clipped my last few 2 days ago and the fragrance is unbelievable. Did you get my last comment about your porch? I must ask if it's hard to keep clean. My porch gets so dusty. Am I the only one?


  3. Your bedroom is gorgeous. Is the rug soft underfoot and is it easy to clean? I'm looking for a few rugs and simply cannot make a decision. I'd appreciate your thoughts.

  4. Love the new rug. Now can you tell me the secret of keeping the bedroom so tidy? Oh, and I loved the new chandelier as well. What a great find!
    Best to you,
    xo MC

  5. That's funny about the chair. And, I am nuts about the rug. Off to the Company Store I go!

  6. oh my gosh, i just caught up on reading your posts...all you have done is wonderful, you are so talented and should decorate professionally! i love it all:) ann

  7. I love your husbands comment, My husband is the same. They just don't get it do they? They are are too paractical, if he is like my husband he probably has an opinion on scatter cushions and throw rugs, haha, cheers Katherine

  8. What a beautiful, serene bedroom.

  9. Wow...your blog is beautiful!
    Saw your comment over at "For the love of a house" and popped on over.
    Love your photos and all of the work that you've done on your farmhouse!

  10. You are doing such wonderful things - so happy to have found you - other renovations are so inspiring

  11. This might be my favorite room in your house. So light and calm.

  12. I agree, you should decorate for a living (do you?).

    Where is your bed from??

    xo Terri

  13. Hi Terri, I wish I had gone to school for interior design because I absolutely love it! I majored in Music/Art and I swear, I think it had to do with the fact that I LIKED THE GORGEOUS BUILDING those two departments were housed in!!!!! xoxo Trina

  14. Oh, and the bed is an antique bed I picked up when I was living in Maine. It's a full size bed that we converted (using converter rails) into a queen. xoTrina


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