Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Little Lucy

This is Lucy. This is her all dressed up with a rose and a pearl necklace on our wedding day nearly five years ago.

We had a casual country wedding in a little white country church. There was no wedding party - just our little Lucy. She stood in as both bridesmaid and groomsman.

Hubby adopted Lucy about ten years ago from the animal shelter. She had been a stray. She was, and continues to be, much obliged for his open heart. So much so that she would follow him to the ends of the earth. She loves her Papa.

The ends of the earth being on the inside of the canoe of course. When hubby jumps off the bow of the canoe to go for a swim, she draws the line there...but only there.

Other important information to know about our little Lucy is that she loves her sock monkey, has the softest ears in town, doesn't bark, talks a lot (although I'm the only one who can hear her), is a good listener, loves to sleep, smiles often and makes friends easily.

She's our girl.


  1. OhMyGosh!!! How precious is Lucy?! I LOVE this post. Love Lucy; love the photos of your wedding; love, love, love your gorgeous dress- perfection; love Lucy wearing pearls; love knowing Lucy is a shelter girl too! That is one sweet puppy face!

  2. Oh, I've just discovered your blog by accident but this post put a little hole in my heart. To the gorgeous Lucy, with her soft ears and unconditional love - the world would be a far worse place without dogs!

  3. I totally want a dog to be my wedding party too! That is such a great idea.

  4. Aw, I just got teary. :o) I count my pup as one of my best friends most definitely. I wish she could have been in our wedding, but she is SO hyper!

  5. I love that Lucy was in your wedding! She looks lovely with her finery on! :) (She is also adorable without any finery! So cute!!) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your post brought tears to my eyes. "My Girl" went to doggie heaven a little over a year ago. We miss her so. Your pictures are lovely. What a fantastic idea to have your furbaby in your wedding! p.s. I LOVE your blog!!

  7. Oh, she's just too beautiful. I definitely want my children to experience the love of a pet dog one day. There is nothing like it. Not sure what our cats Lenny & Sonny would think..Beautifully written too Trina..Rx

  8. Just stopping by to give a tummy rub to Lucy. I have been keeping up with your posts about your growing family too, but just wanted to have Lucy know that we all know that she is still "your girl."
    Do take time to notice the small changes that come with the season. Next year you will remember these early days with such clarity.
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday in the hammock!
    xo Lisa

  9. Hi Trina,
    I happened upon your blog this morning while surfing "a country farmhouse" as we are building a new home - in the country - in farmhouse style and have been looking for inspiration.
    I'm shocked to say that I have spent many, many hours today reading your blog and loving every minute of it (don't tell the boss!) You have a real knack for prose - and photography! I've been inspired by your notes, your photos and your overall approach to country living. I just wanted to pass along that I feel lucky to have found your post, will visit often, and look forward to news of your babies on the way!

    Thank you for making my day :)

    Victoria, in Kingston Ontario Canada

  10. I love that you included her in your wedding, that's precious!

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