Friday, June 26, 2009

At the Lake

This is our dog Lucy doing what she loves best...fetching a stick up at the lake.
Happy Weekend.


  1. Lucy?? How have I missed Lucy?!! Love the name! Ellas requests more pictures of Lucy, please!!
    I am literally GREEN with envy seeing this photo. I sometimes long so for the beauty of the NW that it hurts! Dan would love to know what lake this is? (did I tell you he grew up in Coos Bay?) Have y'all ever been to Olallie lake? This photo reminds me of it.
    Another favorite place is the Headwaters of the Metolius. Dan grew up fishing with an uncle on the Metolius, so it's a very special place for him.

  2. Hi Joan! I'll have to post on Lucy next! She's our little trooper...supervised the entire remodel with ease and curiousity (especially at lunch time). Tell Dan that it's Lost Lake - a favorite of ours that is great for canoeing and swimming. We haven't been to Olallie Lake but I'm a BIG lake girl, so I'll have to get out the map and look it up!! Mike is a hydraulic engineer that specializes in river and wetland restoration so he's a big water boy...especially loves his rivers. Oh wait, I just asked him and he's never been to the Metolius - says he hears it's amazing though. We have to make some field trips this summer!!!

  3. Trina- That's exactly where Dan thought it was! We've been there- so beautiful!
    You'll love Olallie lake, and the headwaters of the Metolius is this amazing sight where the river just 'emerges' from the ground.


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