Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dinner for Two

As I was strolling through the locally grown section in our grocery store, I was happy to come upon some freshly harvested morel mushrooms. Hubby is a connoisseur of wild mushrooms, and in fact, spends many hours in our surrounding forests looking for these hidden treasures.

So I thought I'd surprise him with a special dinner...just for two.

The menu included grilled Painted Hills New York Steak with sauteed wild morel mushrooms and organic cabbage salad.

Cold watermelon for dessert.


  1. Your porch is perfectly inviting! Would you mind telling me how deep (house to front edge) it is, and what kind of paint did you use? Thanks.

  2. Hi there, Our porch is 8 feet out to the porch fascia. With the finished wood bull nose, it's an extra inch and a half past fascia. Also, we used Benjamin Moore Porch & Floor paint, Platinum Gray.

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous view! I'm thinking a cheese sandwich would taste like a gourmet meal on that porch!

  4. Hi Trina, I googled farmhouses for sale and found your blog! What a dreamy place! My husband, myself and our 4 boys are desperately seeking a way out of Los Angeles and hope to find a place/vibe/view similar to your home. Could you please tell me what state/city you're in? The mountains are surreal. We are thirsting for nature, seasons, and beauty! Thank you for all of your posts. You're a true inspiration. Mallette :)


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