Friday, March 27, 2009

A Turning Point

Today I put up my bird transfer ware. It's a significant day as it marks a vision I had during our long remodel. Amidst dust, storage boxes, and utter chaos, I dreamt that one day, one beautiful calm day, I would put these up as a marker of spring.

My collection of transfer ware started fairly recently after I inherited my Grandmother's red transfer ware. I had these up at Christmas. She just loved her patterned plates and now I love them too as they remind me of her and our memories together around her dining room table.

My Grandmother would have loved this bird and floral pattern. Nestled up in the hills of Los Angeles, she fostered somewhat of a bird sanctuary with a large iron bird feeder that her mother had given her. She loved to watch the birds from her window and one of my favorite things to do as a young girl, was to fill the bird feeder up with bird seed and feel the swoosh of birds flying in all around me.

I hemmed and hawed about buying these plates. They no doubt made my heart go pitter pat when I saw them, but we were in the midst of our remodel and I knew we couldn't really afford them. So despite the fact that they were already marked down from $375. to $275, I made an offer for $200 (for a 21 piece set). and got them. I had oodles of kisses for hubby when I got home as he was the one I called when I was hemming and hawing. Thank you hubby for supporting my love of transfer ware.


  1. I love your plates! What is the pattern?

    Also, your open shelves are lovely as are your flush doors on your kitchen cabinetry.

  2. Hi Susan, On the back of the plates it reads, "MESANGE LONGWY." I always keep my out for more to add to the collection but have yet to find anything quite like them. Of course, I'll keep looking! xoTrina

  3. I was going to stop writing so many comments, but when I read this:
    "as he was the one I called when I was hemming and hawing"
    I just had to say how SWEET it is that you call your *husband* when you find something that you love but aren't sure if you should buy it or not. How *wonderful* that he supports and ecourages you in this area!!! (and he did great, because these are lovely dishes!!)

  4. I love your bird dishes but the story behind them is special. Your bargaining efforts paid off and someday you can tell your children what a great deal you got - and you can pass the dishes along to them with all the happy memories they've treasures through the years.


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