Monday, February 1, 2016

Car Seat Covers

Once again, we have ordered custom organic car seat covers for our new car seats. I cannot say enough good things about Kate at Sassy Stork! She is wonderful to work with and I am just enormously grateful that she provides such a wonderful service. 


  1. Wish I had these available when my two were little, the seat covers are very savvy looking.


  2. I am so glad you brought this up again! I recently went to one of those "car seat clinics" (sure I had everything 100% right) and we did have some corrections to make. One of them was our beloved car seat covers - that they really are not recommended. I feel SO torn! Bc I cannot see how they are truly unsafe and my children touching those flame retardants pains me (they've been in winter clothes pretty much since we took off the covers). What are your thoughts??

    1. We agree with you, we cannot see how they are unsafe. For us, they only provide an added measure of safety for they will not expose our children to unnecessary chemicals - chemicals that in this country, are innocent until proven guilty.
      I was hesitant to post on this topic again but I feel as if I must stand up to our rights as mothers/fathers/children/animals/planet to refuse the dangerous amounts of chemicals in our environment and in our homes. And I want to support people like Kate at Sassy Stork who are so graciously helping us do that. I think we can make a difference and our voices can be heard so that companies work harder to provide safer products.
      Best wishes, Catherine

    2. I think you are right - that we need to make our voices heard. Thank you for inspiring me to put our covers back on!! I am going to do that this weekend!

  3. I totally agree with everything you are saying, but at what cost to the consumer? These products are priced so high that the average family can't afford them. It's awesome if we can get companies to provide safer products for our family/children but it's got to be more cost effective.


Thank you for leaving your thoughts. Kind regards, Catherine

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