Sunday, May 3, 2015

Choosing an Indoor Paint

After much online research and many, many phone calls to green building supply stores, and to the green paint companies themselves, we finally chose ECOS Paints to use for our interior paint.

We chose ECOS not necessarily solely because I thought it would be better than the other green paint companies available. Our decision was also due in part to the fact that I found someone who has used ECOS products extensively and offered a strong recommendation to me based on her experience. Carol owns an interior design business called The Natural Home that focuses on green furnishings and green home design. She has an incredible depth of knowledge.

But Carol's testament wasn't all that swayed me. I really like that ECOS is a European-based company, with some of the strictest safety standards in effect there. Their paint was also chosen to paint the Le Louvre, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, the British Museum, and other buildings of prominence. Did that have something to do with my choice? Maybe. 

If it's suitable for Le Louvre...


  1. Looks so refreshing! :) Going to look into this company, thanks.

  2. It looks lovely and soft. I think it will be good on a bright winter day with snow on the ground. Is it the color you mentioned before? I have also been very interested in your staircase. It's going to be so beautiful. What a good idea to do this now! I think this house is very lucky that you and Mike found it and to have these craftsmen working on it.


  3. I really learn so much from you guys reading your blog. Thanks for all the info. It's looking wonderful! linda r (phila burbs)

  4. Looks beautiful-what colors are you using?

    1. Cypress Spring - semi-gloss on windows, doors, woodwork and flat on walls. We're using this color throughout the entire house. Best, Catherine

    2. Cypress Spring is soooo lovely, it took a while to find clicking thru the color chips - and didn't Twinkle Twinkle cause a moment's hesitation, they're so close! What about caulk, what are you using for caulk and sheetrock mud [or is that a plaster surface in the above pic]? On our project the caulking and mudding [and painting!] fall to me, so I'm curious what products you chose for those jobs that lie beneath the painted surface.


    3. Hi Flo! We're using a caulk that was recommended by our green building supply store - the above photo hasn't been caulked so he'll have to re-paint after caulking. We are also using a joint compound that is Greenguard certified for those rooms that required drywall. Best, Catherine

  5. With that resume, I would choose them too! Paint means you're getting really close!!!! Woohoo!

  6. Wonderful information and it sounds like the perfect choice! You room is gorgeous!!

  7. Love your choice.... And will look into for my repaint.

    Your room looks so welcoming.


  8. I see this color everytime in country houses. Looks pretty good!


Thank you for leaving your thoughts. Kind regards, Catherine

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