Thursday, November 19, 2009

Furniture is Here!

It's a week early! I'm both excited and nervous all at the same time! Why you ask is it still covered in plastic? Well, the delivery guys just left for one, and for two, we have an issue with our floor finish that the floor guy has to deal with tomorrow (hopefully) and although no dust will be created, I don't want to unwrap them until he's done.

So pictures are a bit premature but I thought I'd give you a sneek peek as to what we've been up to the past few weeks. We never did break into a waltz like I described in my fantasy BUT we did accomplish something equally as romantic and painted all the windows! I'm kidding, although I do find it very attractive when Hubby is working on the house - why is that? (wink, wink Hubby)

I also painted the fireplace bricks white!

After priming the bricks to cover up the glue stains, I had a panic attack and questioned what I had done. Joan at For the Love of a House (my dear friend) calmed me down (I love her!).

I wish I didn't have to paint them but when I spoke to a local mason, he told me that the blond bricks weren't original to the house. Meaning, that at some point probably in the 60's, the fireplace surround was rebuilt and that's why they didn't match the gray bricks on the exterior chimney...which has made me contemplate painting the bricks gray as I'm not completely sold on the white. Thoughts? Do you like the white?

Once again, Joan came to my rescue (she does that a lot) and sent me some Sherwin Williams colors to try and upon doing so, I discovered this amazing digital tool they offer on their web site where you can upload your personal photo and try different paint colors (I'll post them soon). It's been so helpful in determining what shade of grey may work as I wouldn't want it to look too flat, too dark or like concrete!

My other update is the new mirror over the fireplace. I absolutely love the botanical detail on the frame. I was in an antique shop in Portland, one of my favorites, when I stumbled across it- on sale. Was I looking for a new mirror for over the fireplace, not really, but my Great-Great Grandparent's mirror never looked quite proportionate to the size of the mantle (I've relocated it to the guest room for now).

When I saw the mirror, I put a hold on it and then went to another favorite antique store to see what other similar items were out there. I discovered that compared to other mirrors of similar size and style, the one I had on hold was a really great deal so I went back and bought it. It was $120, normally priced at $195.

I hope that we'll be able to unwrap our furniture by tomorrow - although I'm sure we'll take a few peeks before then! I normally don't get very nervous about new purchases but typically that's because I don't spend as much money and they're also not purchased sight unseen (we didn't get to actually see our chosen fabrics on the pieces).

So again, excited and nervous all at the same time! Hubby is more calm and Lucy just wants to know what all the fuss is about.


  1. You did the absolutely most completely terribly right thing by painting the bricks!

    They look fantastic - the whole fireplace looks of a piece now. So trim and neat. I can't wait to see the new furniture...

  2. I am exactly the same. Still nervous after 18 months. You're right, it's the financial outlay and value for money concerns that does it for me too. I had a panic attack when my pots arrived yesterday. The magnitude of our project just hit me for the first time. I almost questioned whether I was comfortable living in such a big project. I am so out of my comfort zone. Gotta love Joan.... the darling! Joan's the resident bloggy blog reno counsellor. A-M xx

  3. OMGosh! It's like a HUGE Christmas present just sitting there (no pun intended;) waiting to be unwrapped!! So exciting! The room looks fabulous in this "before" photo, so I can only imagine how gorgeous it is going to be when the covers come off! Love the new mirror! Hope the floor guy comes tomorrow!
    I so hear ya about the attractive "working on the house" Hubby!! Dan is cleaning antique windows as I type!! Love a handy-man:)!
    That's my favorite Lucy picture... it melts my heart!
    And, just so you know, it is my truly my honor!!

  4. Hi Trina,

    I LOVE your new mirror. Just beautiful. I'm so excited and anxious for you at the same time. I just know it will be beautiful. The bricks looks fantastic too. Is any part of your anxiety due to the fact that you blog now and the whole world can see what you've done? It changes things a bit doesn't it. I'm completely nervous to post my new paint color in the living room.

    What a fun weekend you are going to have playing with all your new things. Can't wait to see it all.


    p.s. I agree with you also about watching my husband working along side me. It is romantic!

  5. lucy'll know what all the fuss is about when she sees your FAB-U-LOSA living room! yes, the white bricks are very modern, chic and classic! furniture arriving early? unheard of... :>0

  6. Are you kidding - you're making us wait for the new furniture???! Meanie!! Your house is gorgeous and as usual I love you and hate you equally for finding that crazy nice mirror!! I CANNOT wait and shall stalk your blog until you post pictures of this room with un-covered furniture! Oh, and I am coming antique shopping in Portland. haha. Love all the pictures, especially your darlin' pup. I love the white mantle and bricks. Leave it so, please!!

    xo and a giant high five, Terri

  7. The fireplace looks great after painting the bricks! Excited to see the new furnitures in place, I`m sure it will be beautiful! Have a happy weekend:) Love this photo of Lucy!

  8. I wanted to stop by and thank you for your period piece recommendation. I am crazy over period drama. I love the costumes, the time they are set in, ect... Also, the acting is better than any movie you see on the big screen.

    Can't wait to see your living room all set up. This stage is hard. Just waiting.....

    Good luck and I will be back! Thanks, jamilyn

  9. The fireplace looks amazing. Your whole place looks amazing.

  10. I think the painted bricks look crisp, bright and beautiful. Can't wait for (in the parlance of reality shows) the BIG REVEAL....

    xo MC

  11. The brick looks fresh and amazing. No worries there! Cannot wait to see your finished room. I hate teasers! LOL Have a great weekend. xoxo

  12. Very beautiful! Good choice on painting the fireplace bricks. Looking forward to the next post on this.

  13. it's so exciting when things begin to really come together. it all looks great, you'll have a fantastic canvas to work with. the mirror is beautiful, and all of the brick choices are lovely -- don't forget, it's just paint! and not even all that much of it at that :)

    oh, painting windows. SIGH. I need to paint mine but it is my least favorite task, I think!


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