Monday, October 26, 2009

A Clean Slate

I've been enjoying this fantasy that we've just bought our house and everything is just as it is now...crisp, clean and ready to decorate! In this fantasy world, it is as if the era of pea green carpeting and faux wood paneling never existed...

So my fantasy goes like this...Hubby and I pull up to a lovely country house that's in our price range! Wow, huh? We're instantly in love as we can see that the house has been well-taken care of. We walk up to the front door and as I step in, I begin to glide through the each room seeing nothing I don't like.

When I make my way to the living room, my eyes light up and as I turn, Hubby takes me in his arms (suddenly I have my wedding dress on) and we begin to dance, giddy with laughter as we know that we have finally found exactly what we're looking for in our new home. We pause only for a moment, with bright beaming smiles, and say to our realtor without any doubt or hesitation, "we'll take it!"

Nothing in this fantasy had anything to do with what really happened, especially the part about the doubt and hesitation. But I'm enjoying every minute of my fantasy as I stare into this empty room, dreaming of how I'm going to decorate! It feels like such a luxury!

So let me take you through the room...

This is the perspective you get when coming from the kitchen. The french door next to the picture window will eventually take you to a balcony, which we'll build this spring. The original 'deck' was torn down when they put in the new Marvin windows. The door you see through the entryway, goes to the wraparound porch...this is our formal entry into the house.

This is looking towards the fireplace from a corner that no one will ever stand in, but I thought I'd give every perspective. Entry is where the hall tree stands.

If I pan left a bit more, you'll see the coat closet to the left and to the left of that, the hallway where the den, guest bedroom and downstairs bathroom are located.

So this is what I've come up with so far...

...the main layout. The couch will face the fireplace and the two chairs will flank each side of the fireplace. I love the coziness that this layout will offer and I know that there will be many hours spent snuggled in front of the fire.

Here's the new couch we've ordered...accompanied by two of the above chair! We went with a couch with more modern lines to contrast a little with the more traditional lines of the coffee table. The coffee table (you can see here) is an antique pedestal with rounded feet and oval top, which will compliment the round lines in the chair.

Here are the fabrics we chose...the sofa fabric is a beautiful velvet (so luxurious) and the chair fabric, which goes really well with the tarragon velvet, is linen-esque (the photo doesn't really show the chair fabric very well). And due to the furniture store's amazing sale - I made sure that I picked out the highest grade of fabric - of course I did!

I've also been considering a tall narrow table to put behind the couch. I'd put two table lamps on each end to illuminate the room. I was thinking of something a little modern, made of mostly glass so that it doesn't feel too heavy. I think this would be the best option as end tables wouldn't work well with the tuxedo-style (high arms) couch.

Also, we'll order a 9x12 natural fiber rug, perhaps this one from Pottery Barn, to go in front of fireplace. All the furniture fits on the 9x12 size. I'll accent the rest of the room with antique rugs I already have.

I'll put an antique rug in front of the french door. This door will eventually lead to a balcony. There's about a seven foot drop outside the door right now. The balcony will have wide center stairs going down into the yard. It will be big enough to put a couple of rocking chairs or a small table and chairs for an extra place to eat or drink.

Our existing dining cabinet, that I'll be stealing from our dining room (photo below), will be relocated to the above wall. Instead of holding dining odds and ends, it will be transformed into a secretary that will be a place for beloved books, unframed art, special momentos, etc. I'll be stealing this cabinet from the dining room because we've decided to add two more windows on the wall where the cabinet is now. But I'll go into the dining room plans later.

Here's the cabinet we'll be stealing for the living room. Hopefully, someday I'll find a narrower dining cabinet to replace it.

On that small wall to the right of the kitchen entry, I've been considering a temporary bookshelf. Lauren at Pure Style Home inspired me when she put one in her house, on a similar sized wall, and it looks fabulous - like everything else she does. And I say 'temporary' because as you can see in the next photo, I have plans for Hubby (wink, wink Hubby), to build a built-in bookcase (love the look of those - I have a gazillion inspiration photos of them) on that huge wall.

We're waiting to begin this project until after we get rid of that floor furnace. It's the one 'functional' thing in the house we have yet to figure out. But whatever we decide to do, that floor furnace grate will eventually go...and hello bookcase. ; )

So odds and ends still left to find are: some sconces for above the mantle (any suggestions?), a 9x12 natural fiber rug, perhaps a white bookcase, a tall modern table and...

Any other inspiring ideas? I would love your feedback! Just love it!
*Also, I've made another friend over at High Street Market. ..... Kelly has the most amazing Etsy shop with so many beautiful treasures. I was eyeing the pair of marble table lamps, an antique oval mirror and a lovely pewter pitcher...and it's all so reasonably priced! How fun is that!


  1. Fabulous ideas! I love the furniture you've chosen and the fabrics. You have a great plan here. What a luxury to do it all at once.
    By the way, I have the same antique light fixture in my living room!

  2. Hi Trina,

    What an amazing room. With all the furniture out you really get a good idea of the size/proportions. I love all your choices and plans. It is going to be so beautiful. Yesterday I was on-line looking for sconces and found just what I was looking for at circa lighting. They are gorgeous. Keep us posted on all the progress it is so inspiring.


  3. I am new to your blog and love your home..I also have been looking for just the righgt couch and I love you know who the makers is??love it.. thanks..jeanie

  4. Hi Jeanie,
    The furniture line is Rowe Furniture. We went with them because they use hardwood frames, no plywood. They also abstain from using a lot of the toxic chemicals used for fire retardants. Thanks for stopping by! ; ) Trina

  5. Just beautiful!!! I can't wait to see it all have amazing vision and skill with decor...your home should be in a magazine, everything is sooooo perfect! Thank you for sharing your home. Ann

  6. I am sure it will turn out beautiful, excited to see your new furnitures in front of the fireplace though!

    Have a happy day:)

  7. Hi Trina,
    I'm with every one else and agreeing it will all look beautiful. I also agree with you and think the table behind the sofa with lamps of glass would look sensational, it will completely finish it off. The wall on the right next to the door, I'm thinking if you could find a gorgeous huge mirror to lean up against the wall would be really beautiful (no?) maybe reflect not only light but your gorgeous chairs as well....just a thought. Your built-in book case will look great on that wall one day as well. You are doing a great job, well done to you both.
    Have a great day today.

    Tasmania, Australia

  8. What a stunning room! Cannot wait to see it filled with your lovely tasteful finds. I am quite new to your blog, and LOVE your style. So classic and elegant but clean and fresh. LOVE it. Gotta go scroll for some more eye candy.

    : )

    Nice to meet you and I promise to come back LOTS!

    xo Terri

  9. This is gonna be lovely! The room itself is stunning, has great bones, and all that light ... oh how I'd love light! We're squeezed between two huge houses here in the city - so it's far from light in our house -- I've had to decorate accordingly. Your plan sounds divine - I'm following now so I don't miss a beat! I hope you'll find time to stop by my place soon!

  10. I think it will be an amazing room -- love the fireplace and all the windows. And yes, I think a totally different style sofa table would be just right! (I like the look of mixed styles in a room -- who wants to be "stuffy"!)

  11. Oh, I love how you and hubby are dancing in the room!! too cute!
    I loved seeing the differnt angles of the room and seeing how it all goes together- thank! Now where does Miss Lucy's bed go?
    Can't wait to see all your fabulous new furniture in the room and the fireplace roaring!! It won't be long now!!

  12. it's going to be AMAZING!!!! i can't wait to see the pics!!! love all of your choices & am crazy over your kitchen!!


  13. Hi Trina,
    I love the look of lamps behind a couch. But do you have floor outlets?

  14. I'm new to your blog and adore all the beautiful changes you've made so far! If you're looking for a natural fiber rug, check out Their prices are much better than Pottery Barn and they frequently run 25% off sales. And they have free shipping both ways! We got an 8x10herringbone seagrass for just over $100! For the space next to the door to the soon-to-be balcony, what about a bench or a small table to house shoes or misc. things from coming in and out of the house? Also, I am coveting your china cabinet :) Where did you find such a perfect peice? Keep up the great work!

  15. Hi Anne, Thanks for the information on Natural Area Rugs! Our dining cabinet came from a local antique store who use to get antique furniture shipments in from England. So it's an English piece...I did switch out some oriental pulls on the drawers for some Eastlake ones, which gave it more of the country look we were going for. xoTrina

  16. Hi Joan xoxo Lucy's dog bed is currently up against the wall where the dining cabinet will go. So good question! I'll have to ask her!! ; ) Trina

  17. Hello! I've been making my way through your blog - everything is just lovely and so inspiring. I was wondering if you by chance remember the names of your sofa/chair fabrics. I love the finished product! Thanks so much in advance!

  18. Hi Liz,
    The velvet couch is in tarragon and the chairs were a line-esque fabric but I can't find the name of it!
    Hope that helps some!

  19. This is a fantastic blog, looking so inspiring. Love your house and of course the new babies, so sweet! Congratulations. Will come back regularly to read it all, thank you!
    Marguerite from Oz.

  20. I too live in a wonderful old farmhouse built by my great grandparents who emigrated from Sweeden. We are just embarking on the journey you have taken. Your place is such an inspiration. Can you tell me what type of wood your floors are made from?

  21. I too live in an old farmhouse, built by my great grandparents who emigrated from Sweden. We are just embarking on the journey you have made with your farmhouse. What an inspiration your story is to me, I plan to follow it as we move along here. Can you tell me what kind of wood your floors are made from?

  22. Hello There -

    I have to say I have really enjoyed reading your blog the last few days. It's been very relaxing to see your simple, yet elegant way of life and the care and attention you've taken with the restoration of this hosue and proprety.

    While I love the look of your new white walls, I am curious what color paint and trim was originally in the living room?

    Much thanks,

  23. Dam,
    I'm sorry but I can't remember! I know that we tried five or so colors though and ended up going with the lightest of them all.
    Sorry I couldn't help!

  24. I love your country home,so clean and well thought especially the patio and materials you've used. I am new to your site and I forgot the time as I browse through every re-modelling you and your husband made. A great inspiration for our future home. Thanks! Big hugs from UAE.- Margot


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