Saturday, September 19, 2009

Downstairs Bathroom Revisited

The new after. New additions include toile shower curtains from Pottery Barn, which happen to match our existing paint perfectly. Thanks to Joan for her input on this!

We also installed Horizon Shutters after finally fixing the trim on the Marvin replacement window.

A simple detail but one that I love, love, love...our new porcelain cross handles. I came across these about a year ago (they're reproductions) and realized that they would fit our existing faucet (also a reproduction). Switching them out was easy - I discovered this by watching hubby do it.

This is the original paint color we used during the first remodel and I still love it.

I was considering a salon wall here but since I'm currently working on a salon wall in our den, I didn't have enough pictures for it. What do you think? Add a salon wall or leave it?

I spruced up some of my Grandmother's old picture frames with some botanical prints from one of my salvage books. It's amazing how many things of hers - things I grew up with - have found a place in our home!

Did I mention how much I love the new porcelain cross handles? And the vase is another piece from my Grandmother. xo

You can go here to see the original remodel.

This is how we found this bathroom when we bought the house three years ago. Like the kitchen, we never used it before we gutted it. This was attributed to some plumbing issues and the fact that we couldn't wait to cleanse it of the 1970's grooviness.

After we gutted it, we updated plumbing & electrical, added insulation, new drywall, crown and base moldings and replaced the fixtures (claw foot bathtub, sink and toilet). The only thing we recycled from the original bathroom was the medicine cabinet. Tub, sink and toilet got hauled off to the Rebuild It Center in town.


  1. Beautiful bathroom. I always wanted a claw tub. I just redid our bathrooms, it only took 15 years. But that's ok. It' done now.

  2. OK, what is the color on the walls? It is what I wanted but did not achieve in one of our bathrooms...

    The bathroom look so nice. I really love it.

  3. Hi Trina,

    I knew it would be beautiful. First of all I like the pictures just as they are. I like bathrooms w/o too much clutter. They look cleaner to me. I love the toile shower curtain. I have the same Matine Toile coverlet and pillows for my bedroom. I just have not liked them w/our current paint in there. I'm totally inspired to paint that room now. What color paint did you use? The room could not be more perfect. And I love the faucet handles too. I really need to get busy around here!


  4. Hi Janet and Julianne, I tried every robin's egg blue swatch imaginable and Opal Essence by Benjamin Moore was the only one that wasn't too blue, too gray or too dark. I loved the color so much, I painted the guest room the same color. ; ) Trina

  5. Could there be a prettier bathroom rennovation?! I don't think so! It looks fabulous Trina! Love the wall color and the shower curtain is perfect! Those cross handles on the faucets... love them!
    I think the pictures in your grandmother's frames are perfect as they are. Any more and the room might feel busy, and there is this wonderful calm about it as it is now. Your grandmother would be proud!
    Hope you kept those beads! Those are "groovey!"

  6. Trina, the bathroom is lovely - the color of the walls is calming and serene. I would agree with the rest of your followers that the pictures as they hang on the walls at present seem perfect...just enough, not too much. I love seeing the rooms, the nooks and corners of your home. Clearly, we all long for such places to enrich us and connect us to home.

    xo MC

  7. Hi Trina,

    Had to come back for another look. I can't tell you how much I love what you've done. It really is so serene and beautiful. You really have me thinking about painting my bedroom. This is what I love about blogging. All the inspiration!

    ps~Thanks for the paint color.

  8. Loved having a look at your bathroom - have to come back and start at the beginning...... looks like you are doing a fabulous job AND having fun doing it !

  9. It looks beautiful and I like that paint color too.

  10. The most beautiful bathroom ever! Your house is freakin gorgeous. I've always dreamed of slipping away to the country in a beautiful farmhouse with animals just running around :)

  11. Hi Trina! We are about to embark on an historic home renovation. I LOVE your gorgeous home! Where did you find the reproduction porcelain cross handles for the bathroom sink?

  12. Hi Ann,
    We bought our reproduction faucet from Rejuvenation. It's a store in Portland, Or but I know that they don't sell plumbing online. Places like Van Dykes, House of Antique Hardware or Vintage Tub may carry them - and they're all online resources.
    Good luck!

  13. Such a beautiful bathroom and I love the wall colour. You're grandmothers pictures are beautiful too, thank you so much for sharing.


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