Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Picket Fence

We are hoping to finish our picket fence this weekend. Building this picket fence has been more time consuming than we realized - like everything else. This is hubby cutting some spacers so that the pickets line up evenly.

Hubby is building us a beautiful fence ; ) Hopefully we'll have pictures by the end of the weekend!


  1. Cute hubby looks like he is doing a wonderful job! Can't wait to see pics.
    I'm sure he couldn't do it without sweet Lucy's help! That photo is heart-melting! I love that face!
    Ella is like that too... always wants to be by her daddy (unless her mama is in the kitchen;)!

  2. Lucy is adorable! Hubby is cute too! He looks happy building this beautiful home with you. You guys make a great team. (People say that about us too!) But in reality it does take teamwork to accomplish all you have done. But how fun is it doing it with your best friend!


  3. Looks like your husband is finding the picket production very therapeutic. I remember when we did ours in the old house, we paid the kids 2 dollars a picket to paint them. They were all keen until they realized they needed a primer, an undercoat & 2 coats of topcoat! You blog is just delightful!
    Millie ^_^

  4. Trina- in finding this wonderful picture of Lucy again... I think Lucy has wonderful "eyeliner"!


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