Monday, August 25, 2008

The Upstairs Closet


The entire upstairs was very dark. This back gabled ell, which extends north off of the main house, has a low gabled ceiling so we thought it would make a great walk-in closet.

After framing, insulation and electrical.

The closet door. We rounded off the top and I think it looks quite charming.


We looked into doing a closet organizer for clothes but it was really pricey. So I looked around and found a good deal on some large over-sized white dressers.

We got two, his and hers.

UPDATE: Photos added February 17, 2010

We used plastic covered wire racks that you can custom fit to your space. This ended up being the most functional and most affordable option. The only thing that doesn't fit in our closet are my dresses and Hubby's suits. Those are stored in our downstairs guest room closet.

Vanity is a matching piece to the two Empire dressers in our bedroom. The set comes from my Grandmother's house, which were originally purchased by her Grandparents.

My favorite part of our small closet is the wonderful window that offers a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside with Mt. Adams (way over in Washington state) as a backdrop.


  1. I know you posted this a while back, but it's lovely. I visited a historical home a few months ago and this was how their closet was situated. I love the simplicity of it.

    - Amanda (CASABrasi)

  2. We are currently updating our circa 1869 home in room at a time! Our reno is taking place at a snail's pace, but it is thrilling to see the changes taking place. Last weekend, we just finished our master closet that was made when we took a storage room on our second floor for it and a very small artist studio. We also had the sloping ceilings in this area and were unable to hang my dresses and my husband's suits. We use our much smaller closet in our master bath to hang those, and so far it is working out fine. I'm anxious to take some photos and post on my own blog, because I am EXCITED to finally have space to organize my clothes! After literally having my things in three different closets all over the house for the last four years, this is a joy! Good luck with the continued work on your house. It is looking fabulous!



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