Monday, June 13, 2016

The Symbolism of Rhododendrons

We came downstairs the other morning and were greeted with bouquets of rhododendrons spread throughout the house. They were on tables, on counters, by sinks...It was a wonderful sea of that beautiful rhododendron pink, everywhere you looked. 

It was a surprise that made me smile for those beautiful pink rhododendrons filling our rental house came from a very special place. 

They came from our new house. 

It was quite serendipitous that Webster's word of the day was renovate

Ha! I thought, I know this particular word very well. But I read it anyway, curious as to how Webster's description would compare to my own. 

Restore to a better state. 
To restore to life, vigor, or activity. 

As I let out a deep breath of long renovation exhaustion, I was thankful to be reminded and said aloud, "Yes, I know that word."


  1. Beautiful! Those are my state flower, Washington! :) I love them but they have all died over here at this point in the year.

  2. You have such a beautiful way with the things you do and the way you express them. Your new home will be wonderful.

  3. That is such a beautiful shade of pink, it is drifting into purple.

  4. What a beautiful surprise! I like the definition of renovate.


  5. Love this setting, love the back drop of the very chic canvas art pieces the best !

    See you and your beauty soon.


  6. Beautiful, such lovely flowers. Sometimes I like to look up the dictionary definition of words. To revive, which is exactly what you have done with your house, revived it and restored it and exactly what we have done here in France. It feels good to renovate.

  7. OH MY, that is almost frame worthy! I love that you are finally getting to this point. This house is now so much you're and Mike's, that the word "Home" is already written on your hearts.

  8. Look! The beauty is unfolding at your newly "renovated" home. I also believe in symbolism.

  9. Most beautiful pink rhododendron I've ever seen.

  10. So beautiful it must have been to be greeted by the beautuful rhododendron
    and to be given a spirit of "renovating revive!"
    Happy days of moving to your new home . . .

  11. Pure gorgeousness...the combination of the pink with the blue and white!

  12. Do you have a move in date yet? Cannot wait for a home tour.

    1. Mike's answer to that question (which I ask him a lot) is 'as soon as possible.' But I think by July we'll be moving, although living in just one section of the house.


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