Monday, May 16, 2016

Around the House...

Mike has finally finished painting every room in our house. The library/office was the last room to check off, which feels quite triumphant. 

Here (above) is this room when we purchased our home. 

This photo shows the room after the paint has been removed from the floors. 

And today, everything scraped, removed, repaired, un-bricked and painted (just a few touch-ups left to do). 

I love the windows in white. 

It really looks like a completely different room, certainly much brighter. 

Today, Mike sent me some iPhone photos of the floor patch he is completing in the dining room. This area is thought to be where the original kitchen hearth had been and was patched in the past with modern lumber. The above photo shows two of the salvaged boards already in place to the right, and the subfloor over which the last two salvaged boards will be placed to the left. 

Last large board is in place...

And now the last piece next to the wall. 

Again, you can see the subfloor to the right. 

Here's the last large board in place...

And the final piece next to the wall. 

The salvaged boards make the patches as seamless as you could hope for. It really was worth the effort to use them. 


  1. Every time I walk past my almost blooming Lilac bush, I wonder if you've settled into your new old home. Mike has been working tirelessly and his efforts are so interesting to watch through photos! What transition these rooms have gone through.

  2. Oh it is just beautiful!! I can't wait (I'm sure you can't either!!) to see it all finished and furnished! This is all worth the time and hard work. I love it!

  3. The light in the house is so beautiful with the white you chose. I can't wait to see the floors uncovered. The salvaged boards look like a perfect match. It's exciting to see it so close to being finished. I'm sure it is for you and Mike too.


  4. Beautiful! I've been checking back to see your latest pictures. I'm very excited for you guys.

  5. Well done and what a lot of work. It's fun to anticipate what comes next!


  6. Mike is a Beast! A home-renovating, painting, everything else Beast! I am so impressed!

  7. Oh it's looking SO AWESOME!

    I really can't believe how the white light paint changes the entire mood of that gorgeous room. And those WINDOWS...........yummy!!!

  8. Your home is going to be truly lovely. I admire your taste so much - may I ask which white paint you chose for your walls ? There are so many to choose from !

  9. It really is starting to come together!! Simply stunning and beautiful - I love the white windows as well!

  10. That all white finish is sublime. I can't wait to see you decorate. I bet you can't wait to get in there. All the best to you and your family.

  11. What a beautiful difference

  12. You have done a magnificent job, I love it all.

  13. What a difference. Now you have such a wonderful blank canvas to start furnishing with. It's a perfect room.

  14. It is so exciting! Determination and perseverance are paying off for you and your family. Will you be moving in soon? It is such a remarkable change. Beautiful.

  15. Catherine, I have read your story for so long. I cannot wait to see what this house will become. I absolutely adored your previous home and the care and love that you and your husband put into it. Everything is beautiful! <3

  16. Everything, just exquisite. I love seeing the newly-finished rooms standing there completely empty of furnishings -- pristine, elegant, serene. Speechless with awe at what you and Mike have done.

    Amelia Island FL

  17. Such an amazing transformation! So stunningly beautiful. Your vision is almost complete. Cannot wait to see you add your exquisite design ethic to your lovely home.

  18. What a big job! It looks wonderful!

  19. WOW!! I love the white fresh. What a difference. Looking forward to see more.
    Love from Sweden

  20. white + wood + hard work + your fantastic taste = wonderfull lovely home
    Love from Germany

  21. Really lovely! The simplicity and beautiful proportions are so peaceful.


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