Monday, March 21, 2016

Layers of Change

This is a photo Mike recently sent me of one of the bedrooms. This is as it is today, ready to be painted, and the floors are ready to be finished. 

This was what the room looked like when we bought our house. 

Things accomplished: 

Fireplace chimney repaired
Fireplace mantle and hearth restored (from leaks)
Lead paint removed from floors 
Lead paint removed from closet and cabinet doors
Windows re-glazed 
Windows painted
Crown molding installed 
Windows flipped (from 8 over 12, to 12 over 8) 
Ceiling repaired from leaks 
Some areas below windows were re-placed (due to leaks)


  1. I can't wait to see you all moved in! You must be thrilled to have accomplished so much!

  2. I am constantly amazed and in awe of the work that has to be done , it looks insurmountable and then I see the amazing and beautiful finished rooms , floors, windows and I am in awe :) And I thought it was hard work telling the people what I wanted and making decisions on this color or that lol ...

  3. I say to myself . . . patience . . .
    I get so excited each time to see your posts, updates, progress.
    Amazing it is . . .
    I see the finish line . . . do you too?

    1. Yes I say that to myself constantly. It is very hard but my morale has lifted now that we are in the last stages. Finally!

  4. Wish I lived closer, I would help you paint. I do all the painting in our little old house. The end is within sight...well move in day, old houses are really never done. Happy Spring!

  5. Catherine,

    How wonderful that Mike is taking the month off to get your family into your home! The progress is stunning, and the outcome will be even better.



  6. wow! is this going to be your bedroom? so excited for you all with the news of your upcoming move-in. can't wait! linda r (phila burbs)

    1. It's one of the bedrooms, but not the master bedroom. But the rooms are almost duplicate.

  7. Each inch of your new home will be absolutely beautiful. So excited my dear friend.

  8. It's really great all the work you're doing to your old house. I am wondering why you flipped the windows though. They look a bit off balance with 8 panes on the bottom.

    1. The configuration of the window lights is based upon your region. In our region, they are 12 over 8. When we had new kitchen windows made, we decided to go with the 12 over 8. The rest of the windows (in the upstairs where windows are smaller), follow this pattern. There is no right or wrong, just a regional tendency.

  9. Because I couldn't get to the "contact me" button, I'm just asking here. On a random note...I was on the HGTV website and noticed a show titled "I Bought the Farm" and one of the pictures describing Farmhouse looks sure looked like your kitchen shelves. Do they just randomly choose photos they see on the web or are you a part of this show somehow? Just curious!! If you care to share. Thank you.

    1. Not sure how it's done really. I wouldn't think so. I couldn't find the link you saw so can't say if it's our old farmhouse or not. Thanks for asking! Good question!

  10. This is going to be lovely! Having renovated many old homes I can imagine how excited you are to be done!!

  11. Tortur not seeing and having to wait out the big reveal of your home tour with you all moved in and the pieces your bought what feels like years ago for this such home.
    It's going to amaze your country living lifestyle.
    I have been throwing hand made aged European pottery with a more primitive feel to rural living all in my new post and etsy,

    I would be so inspired to create if I was the one moving into your home, these walls are going to tell your family story poetically.

    Spring days ahead filled with all that inspires.



Thank you for leaving your thoughts. Kind regards, Catherine

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