Sunday, February 7, 2016


We are enjoying amaryllis blooms once again. I also forced some paper white bulbs but they did not do as well. Perhaps sitting too long at the florist decreases the vitality of the bulbs? Also, the amaryllis were a little different in that the leaves didn't really sprout and the stems were very leggy. As you can see, I had to anchor them with twine. 

It's so wonderful to have flowers blooming in the house anytime of year, but especially, when the outside is completely covered in snow.


  1. Beautiful! They are a blessing.

  2. The amaryllis usually blooms first and makes leaves later. The leaves "feed" the bulb.
    I did plant the bulbs out in the garden (May) and then pulled them out in late august to dry out, and look like the bulbs we buy at the store. Then in early October, repot for another year of flowers. the garden planting (in the sun) seems to help the bulb increase in size--meaning larger and multiple flowers.

    1. Yes, now I remember, it is what our last ones did as well. I have one expired bulb from Christmas that I've kept in a vase with water and the leaves have become sort of plant like. It offers wonderful green foliage for the house.
      Best, Catherine

  3. I love Amaryllis....those are so pretty.

  4. Beautiful White Amaryllis . . .
    I looked and looked for the white this past year . . .
    I must look earlier this year!

  5. Your flowers have been so cheery when I have checked your blog. I recently decided that I now know why in the olden days they used to have potted geraniums in the windows in the winter - as they bloom they add color to the winter days. (Even if they are not the most beautiful of plants.) I have a geranium in a south window and the coral colored flowers are so cheery on cloudy days (we haven't had much snow so far this winter). I have enjoyed your blog for several years - thank you for sharing.

  6. Catherine, I have grown Amaryllis for a number of years now, usually the bulbs last a number of years. This year I experienced the same situation that you described - a bloom stalk before leaves. My bulbs also were very late showing any signs of life. I searched online a bit and found this excellent link from the University of Minnesota. I thought I would share it with you. As my last bulb finished blooming, I left the flower stalk. It is now withering a bit. I am enjoying this new experiment!


Thank you for leaving your thoughts. Kind regards, Catherine

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