Monday, November 16, 2015

Paperwhites and Amaryllis

It felt good to have a planting day. Last year, time got away from me and we barely had blooms for Christmas. This year, we're starting early as nothing brightens up a grey day like the anticipation of beauty to come. 

I used a variety of containers that I've collected over the last year. Somewhere in our storage unit a box holds my usual bulb containers. 

I planted paperwhite and amaryllis bulbs but I had a moment of realization while doing so - it was to never buy the bulb forcing kits again! They are of such lesser quality and when you're not even using the plastic pot or soil it comes with, it really doesn't make much sense at all. 

I found this beautiful Amaryllis at our local garden center. It's one of those wonderful places that thrives year round with wonderful greenhouses and a gift shop. It was already set up for Christmas and holiday cheer was tickling our toes. It was $14.99. 

The amaryllis that came in the kit was $7.49. You can see how much smaller it is and its diminished quality. 

Again, these paperwhite bulbs ($1.50 per bulb) were purchased at a florist and are full of vitality. 

These were purchased in a kit - actually, this is two kits worth!

So I have learned my lesson. It is worth the trip to the florist and/or garden center. 

Peeking into a large greenhouse with the most beautiful smiling poinsettias. 

They felt like old friends so we smiled and said hello. 


  1. Beautiful as always. I love how you use a variety of vintage containers. It only adds to the beauty. These will be so lovely once they bloom!

  2. I love paperwhites...I try to remember to do them inDecember but I always miss the mark. Ha ! These are beautiful photos and I love your advice.

    Jane x

  3. My paperweights have been planted for a month now. I need to transfer them to a place with more light.
    So pretty my dear.
    Like you.

  4. My package of 25 paperwhite bulbs have been on my counter for a week - you have inspired me to plant part of them today. I will probably buy the amaryllis already up and budded as they seem to take forever to bloom. I am going to plant my paperwhites in straight glass cylinders so that I don't have to deal with all the flopping. My favorite stage of the blooming is just as they begin to open (when they are still fairly short).

    When I lived in California I could buy ruffled paperwhites at Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach. I have not seen that variety here in Kentucky.

  5. You have the best flower pots! Enjoy the blooms! linda r (phila burbs)

  6. My amaryllis are in a bucket for me to plant, I am behind this year, like you, well maybe not exactly like you, there is construction going on in the house, so there is always something else to do, than put my hands in the dirt, but this weekend I am just going to have to make time. Hoping that you are moving closer and closer to moving in. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I just planted mine up too! We love to watch them grow. I recently learned that if you mix 1/10 rubbing alcohol to water, they don't grow as tall. This helps keep them from falling over when blooming. And I do love the variety of containers.


  8. Planting next week, love all your ideas

  9. And you will have to carry allllllllllllll of these containers over to the big house for their Christmas blooming display because, if memory serves, Mr. Adorable said flat out "We WILL be in the new/old house in time for Christmas." Just a few more weeks to go.....

    Amelia island FL

  10. How do you plant them in these containers? What do you use?

    1. Rocks! Sorry I forgot to mention that. Rocks go under the moss. Just like the rocks in the amaryllis in the glass vase.

  11. Are these just in water then, on top of the rocks?


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