Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Wine Cellar

Long ago when I was a young college student, I used to visit a little gourmet food shop. They sold slices of fresh baked cake, cheese, fresh vegetables, local eggs...and wine. 

She displayed the wine on antique shoe racks and I thought that was such a great repurposing of something old and classic. 

I liked the idea so much that when we first saw the old root cellar in this house, I thought it would also be great for storing wine. 

The horizontal rack is the antique shoe rack. The vertical green rack is actually an antique bread baking cooling rack. 

They are both great for storage use. 

The recent project for our wine cellar was to paint the door white and replace its screen. 
Mike did this in the wee hours so unfortunately I don't have a photo of what the door looked like before. 


  1. What a fantastic idea!
    Love the bread cooling rack. That would be great for holding all my vintage fabrics in my craft room.
    Trina, all your posts are fantastic!
    Love your blog!

    Wishing you a great day,

  2. I enjoy all your photos and your home is amazing! Whoever buys it will be very lucky new owners.You two have done a fabulous job!Best Wishes Always~

  3. May you enjoy buying wonderful wines to fill those racks over the years!

    Nicely done, indeed!

  4. I love the idea of a root cellar, so cool and refreshing in the summer. Wine is just not one of my passions, but I love organizing stuff, and the satisfaction of finding just the right container. Those racks are great. It's the little things. ;)

    Take care! Em

  5. That was a great idea. It looks very pretty and practical. As always you are so creative.

  6. Love it ! All kinds of hidden surprises in that house lol ! Hope you have a great week

  7. perfect use of space & i love the racks!

  8. Man would I love to find some racks like those...everything looks beautiful.


  9. Looks like you and hubby are getting the home in order. When does he report to his new job? Tracy

  10. Love those racks! Will you be taking them with you to your next house or leaving them at the farmhouse for the next lucky owner of your beautiful home? If you take them with you, it will be interesting to see how you use them.

  11. Claudia, We'll most likely take the racks with us. They are hard to find and have sentimental value too.
    Tracy, Mike's new job is within the same company he works for now. So there isn't a start date per se.
    Best, Trina

  12. Painting in the wee hours? Sounds familiar. ha. Beautiful door.

  13. Definitely one of God's coolest flowers. I've planted some and you're making me think I need to plant more.

  14. Wow those look familiar! Up Front and Pleasant. Nina is still going strong in her quaint little gourmet store.


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