Thursday, November 15, 2012


On a grey and rainy day here in the Pacific Northwest, our collection of antique umbrellas await their most anticipated season. But their wait will be a long one because one, we never remember to bring an umbrella, and two, even if we do remember, we choose to use the most common Pacific North West strategy for a rainy day - run for it

My Grandmother, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, was the kind of person who would never forget her umbrella. Of course rain was not as abundant so in the rare event that rain washed their sun warmed landscape, it was a festive celebration to don ones umbrella. 

Do you use an umbrella? 

Our household is in the throes of our first autumn sniffles. After several days of foggy heads and runny noses, raspy voices and restless nights, we are hopefully on the mend soon. 

On a side note, in my influenza lethargy I was only mildly excited when I saw that my new camera arrived yesterday - a sure sign that I was feeling under the weather. 

Look forward to taking some pictures soon...


  1. Hope you all feel better soon. How many times have I heard or said "run for it". I like to have a hood on my jacket and use the hood instead of an umbrella.

  2. I keep buying the cheap $5.00 ones from the pharmacy....sure enough they keep breaking. Now on the property in the summer tropical rains we have found the huge golf umbrellas are best from the hardware shop..not pretty like yours though.
    get well
    Bec x

  3. Hope everyone recovers quickly! I use an umbrella most of the time, but have done my share of run for it!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Trina ~ hope everyone is feeling better soon. You have made me chuckle, because I have an umbrella in my car, but never use it. It just RUN FOR IT ~!

  5. Details, details. What kind of camera?

    Hope you're feeling above the weather soon!

  6. How cute! My grandma use to keep her umbrellas like that by the door.

  7. I bought an umbrella in Portland, Oregon, when we lived there for a while. It is huge, black, beautiful wooden handle. I never ever use it. I have a small leopard print umbrella from the Monaco Hotel, I use all the time. I actually have a collection and rarely use them. But I like knowing I have them anyway :)
    Feel better soon, very soon ! There is fun to be had ! besos, C

  8. Hi Trina,
    I adore your elegant antique umbrellas! I love using an umbrella and often try to coordinate it with my outfit :) I know, it's kind of snobby...
    Hope you all feel better and have an amazing Thanksgiving Day!

  9. I love the handles on your umbrellas, very pretty! Yes, we use umbrellas here. We tend to have more periods of heavy rain rather than lots of days of light, misty rain. I keep umbrellas by the side door, in my car, in my office at work ... I'm well prepared.

    Hope you're all feeling better soon so you can enjoy your new camera. What kind did you get?

  10. Love the umbrellas! Glad you guys are feeling! !

  11. Get well soon! I love this shot of your beautiful umbrellas. Living in the northeast, we get our share of rain, and I'm always with an umbrella in my car.

  12. I love your umbrella tree...I don't even own an umbrella..if it rains here I run out in it!

  13. Hi Trina,
    So happy you got your new camera. I've always loved your photos. Will be exciting to see the photos of your guest house renovated. So much fun.
    Hope your feeling better soon. Mucinex and Alka Seltzer cold are great when you don't want to feel excited or lethargic. They don't make your heart racy or anything and they help with congestion or runny or stuffy and throat aches, etc. When you have little kids you can't take strong meds that are gonna make you slow down. I know, been there.
    Feel better

  14. Hi, Trina...hope you feel much better soon! Having lived in the Pacific NW for over five years, I definitely remember that mindset of "run for it"! Now that I'm in the Midwest, I do see a few more umbrellas. Love your halltree and antique umbrellas.

  15. I used to be a "run for it" kind of girl, but in recent years have slowed down and carried the umbrella with me. Right now it is red and plaid and I enjoy carrying it.

  16. Hi Steve and Claudia,
    I bought the new version of my old Canon Rebel. There's been some improvements over the past five years so I'm looking forward to seeing the difference (better sensors mostly). It also has a built in video, which seems to be the norm these days, so it will be nice to be able to switch easily from photo to video.
    Best, Trina

  17. I hope that you get your spark back today! If I had an umbrella with a fabulous bamboo handle I might remember it but I am a run for it kind of girl.
    Hope you have a cozy weekend!

  18. I live on the coast of Washington state... right up by the Canadian border and I too use the "run for it" mode. My umbrella never seems to come out of my trunk... but the hood on my North Face jacket gets TONS of use... year round, of course.


  19. Oooh, maybe you can start posting some video of the little ones on your blog! That would be great. I've been wanting to experiment with video but I can't find the time to learn how to do it. Good luck with the new camera, hope you're pleased with it.

  20. Sorry to hear you and your family are under the weather. Drink lots of fluids and honey is nice for a sore throat.
    Me being born and raised in England umbrellas are part of our lifestyle. I live in Canada now and still LOVE to use my umbrella. I'll even go out with just for a walk around in the rain. Love the pitter patter sound it makes. The most colourful brolly is my favourite. Can't live without one. It's like part of my birth heritage.
    Hope you all feel better soon. Hugs to everyone. What camera did you buy? I'm nosey. xxx

  21. if that bamboo handled umbrella should mysteriously disappear i'm not saying who may have taken it.:)
    wowza, what a beauty trina.

    hope you all are feeling better.
    take care. xo

  22. I used to keep mu umbrella's by the door. But we so rarely use them I put them in the closet where they sit in the dark. :(
    I hope everyone feels better soon!

  23. Hoping you and your family are feeling tip top soon!

    Umbrellas are a design element in our home as well. They sit, like museum pieces, never getting use. Truthfully, i have no umbrella habit, because i grew up in sunny Southern AZ and relocated to the PNW in my adulthood. And i am always worried i will poke someone in the eye with those little metal tips.
    My wool coat does just fine keeping me relatively dry on the days i care. ;)

    Can't wait to see your guest cottage in CL!


  24. Love those umbrellas!
    We do like to use umbrellas. In Georgia it can be a torrential downpour so we need them.

  25. I have one fabulous antique umbrella from my grandmother. It's a beautiful unique curvy canopy and a lovely ombre dye treatment. My main need right now is an umbrella stand to hold it and its less fashionable basic black brethren. Love your antique coat rack.

  26. You know, when it rains here it seems like it is almost horizontal rain, so umbrellas don't seem to work very well. I think this is typical of desert towns where rain is a serious violent event that lasts about 20 minutes.

    When I was living in Paris over a winter, I remember there was nice polite rain over night and every morning and I delighted in it, and in using my umbrella and trench coat. I bet England is like that, with nice proper rain.

    What camera did you buy?! Not that it matters - I believe that people either can or can't take good photos, regardless of gear, and you definitely CAN!

    xo Terri

  27. I ave an umbrella by the front door and another in the car - needless to say we need them quite a lot here in the UK!

  28. Hope you are all restored to good health before Thanksgiving.... I am sure it's going to be a feast!
    Umbrellas, love them, have them, use them....
    different styles to different outfits....I admit, I love umbrellas!
    And like you, we have a few historic models, perpetually sitting in the holder!

  29. So true! I don't own an umberella, though Mr. 24 continually thinks I need to purchase one.
    Miss. Ginger and I get a bit soaked sometimes but I have a hood, and she has a sweater with a turtleneck that pulls up around her's perfect!

    Love your antique umberella's... and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family...wishing you (and us) a lovely and dry day!!!
    xo J~

    (feel better...xo)

  30. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your family!

  31. I'm in the NW corner of WA state, near the Canadian border too and I just run for it. People who are visiting our area find it very odd that no one uses an umbrella when it rains :)

  32. Do hope you feel better soon. Being born and raised in England, umbrellas are part of life. I always have a few spare at home for others too.

  33. Love those umbrellas, I too have several that wait for use. Truthfully, I don't like them, I've lived in the PNW all my life and would rather, put up a hood, wear a hat or let the rain have its way with my hair...

  34. Love the umbrellas!
    Virtual Christmas party at my blog.
    What are your favorite Christmas memories?

  35. Oh Yes I use an umbrella! Growing up in NYC running for it was not an option, especially when you walk everywhere. But New Yorkers like to buy the cheapo umbrellas the ones for 2 bucks and they turn inside out because of the darn winds, so using a pretty one we don't do since it'll be ruined. Plus I have curly hair and I can't let the rain ruin that....:)
    My Casa Bella

  36. Stylish, as always! You have such an eye for making even the most simple things look so chic. Hope all is well!

    E + J

  37. I'm so sorry you've been sick! I sure hope you feel better soon.

    Looking forward to more gorgeous photos when you're feeling better. I always love hearing about your relatives, too. I really appreciate how we are all part of a bigger story.

    Take good care,


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