Monday, August 2, 2010

Living With What You Love

The talented photographer, designer and author Monica Rich Kosann recently shared her newly published book with me. As with any house design book, I was ever so delighted to sit down for a thorough read.

Living With What You Love is beautiful and completely captures all that make a house a home. Whether it is a special collection of seashells, fine art or a menagerie of family photos, Monica expresses how these endearing items offer our homes warmth, character and most of all, soul.

The book's celebration of photographs especially inspired me. I was moved to dust off those antique photo frames I've been collecting through the years, and finally fill them with the people and family I love.

I needed a large space so I decided to display them on our bedroom dresser. Joan of Arc is surrounded by the generations of family that have known her (my Great Great Grandmother originally purchased her).

Older generations are mixed in with the new. Pictures of Hubby, as both a little boy and a man, stand next to a picture of my Grandmother on the patio of her California hills home.

The photographs span four brother and I, my parents, my Grandmother and Great Grandmother.

I've picked up these frames as bargains over the past several years, ranging from $5 to $40. The sweet old pearl frame is one I came across for $5.

This is one of my favorite photos of my mom holding me as a baby.

I love this sweet little miniature Rococo frame holding a picture of my Grandmother as a child.

Here are my brother and I as children in Sequoia National Park, California.

In order to fit the photographs in non-standard size frames, I scanned them onto my computer and then re-sized them to fit each frame.

I want to thank Monica for sharing her beautiful book with me. My framing project would not have come about if it weren't for the inspiration I found through her examples that celebrate those items which lend soul to collections, in heirlooms, and in photographs. It's truly nurturing to see the faces of my life, past and present, standing close to each other in heart and home.

Go here to read Acanthus and Acorn's review. Also, visit Monica's website to learn more about her, her passionate work and her new book, Living With What You Love.


  1. Such beautiful frames! Save a few for photos of your twins, though :)

    I think it's wonderful to have family photos grouped together in a quite area of the home. We keep the ultrasound picture of our baby, who we lost, among other family photos, which makes it an even more sacred spot.

    Hope you are feeling well and enjoying the first days of August,


  2. You're frames are gorgeous! As are the pictures inside.

    I have actually ordered Monica's book from Amazon and have been impatiently awaiting it's arrival for the past few weeks.

    Can't wait to get it after seeing what it inspired you to do. Then again, you seem to have a natural flair for these things.

    Sandy K

  3. I think too often that we're tempted to go with the trends and so things that we love are not displayed -- be it well loved china, family pictures, or copper cookware.

    Those who learn to decorate with what you love have a much more interesting home.

  4. love the mix of old and new photographs and your collection of frames has so much more soul and history than new ones would.

  5. Trina,
    Everyone really should have this book in their library! I love how perfectly you matched your collected frames to showcase beautiful and cherished photos!

  6. I, too, have a collection of family photos that needs a home - I'd never thought of scanning the photos and sizing to fit. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Your little miniature Rococo frame is exquisite! It is perfect for your grandmother's baby picture. Such good taste you have. Thank you for sharing it with us. *enjoy*

  8. Lovely. What a great way to give you new little ones a sense of personal history...if they don't stick them in their mouths or throw them across the room first! I can't wait to see your posts on methods for taming the twins around the treasures.

  9. I love all the different frames! Makes for such a great visual display.

  10. hat a gorgeous collection Trina - all so special! jxx

  11. Just beautifully displayed! Love the pearl frame! I'll take a peak at her book. How exciting for her!! I Love the JOAN OF ARC!!!


  12. Sounds like an inspiring book. I will have to find a copy.

  13. The photographs and the frames are beautiful. Suxh a lovely tablescape!
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  14. Beautiful! Love your collection of photos and frames.

  15. How special....I love all your pretty frames. I bet it just warms your heart to see those special photos in there of people you love. Thanks for the inspiration!


  16. Lovely collection of frames holding treasured family photos!!

    Susan and Bentley

  17. I started saving sterling silver frames after a trip to England. I have them all filled with pictures of family thru the generations and love seeing the continuity of family, here and gone.

    Drop by and visit ... I have a give away.

  18. hi trina.

    i love this look. i used to have a similar collection filled with old photos. but having nowhere to display them in this house i put the photos in a special little book and slowly have given the frames away as gifts. this is def one of the drawbacks of living in such a small house. but thankfully i can enjoy looking at your pictures. thanks. hope the twins are treating you well.


  19. I love having photos of family and friends around me too! Just popped over to let you know that I gave you the sunshine award today on my blog!

  20. Great collection of frames! I also love your idea of scanning photos to fit. Inspiring!

  21. Hello Trina,
    I LOVE the frames you've collected over the years...they've got that beautiful patina. I have never been one to have a lot of family photo's around but after moving here to our little farm cottage I've been placing a few here and there. Now I just need to start looking for nice frames that will display the photo's in a way that befits them. Most will probably end up in our master bedroom and the guest room. Thank you for posting this and for telling us about this beautiful's one that I will have to look up. Have a wonderful Monday...Maura

  22. Trina, I have
    packed this book
    in my bag and I
    can not wait to not
    only read it, but
    put Monica's suggestions
    into practice!
    LOVE how you mixed
    your photo collection.
    Off to the Pac NW, on
    order us up some
    lovely weather!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Are you in
    nesting mode, already???
    I remember it well : )

  23. The book sounds great. Thanks for sharing your photographs with us. This has inspired me to get busy with a project of my own. Carla

  24. What a beautiful book! The frames are fabulous finds, and I love how you have displayed them and all the family photos.

  25. Simply beautiful. I love that the pictures are black and white... my favorite for old and new photos.

  26. These wonderful family photos in their beautiful frames remind me of a mama bird readying her's going to be so special for your children to have them around. I bet anything they will want to look at them over and over and over again.

    xoxo J~

  27. Your frames are beautiful. I think pictures of family and friends make a home. They are especially nice in exquisite frames such as yours. Thank you for the wonderful tip about scanning to size. I am going to do that next weekend!
    I just heard that my friend's baby is going to be delivered this week. They decided a week early would be perfect for her. We are all excited about welcoming her new little baby boy. Just think, it won't be long until you have your two new babies in your arms! It's so exciting.

  28. It's a wonderful sentiment - and your beautiful frames filled with all the people of love are a perfect way to capture it.

    I haven't been here in a while - I was sorry to read about your battles with infertility... I can't even imagine - but I am also so happy for you guys now..! You look just beautiful.

    Congratulations, dear.


  29. loving all the photographs the frames are gorge xxx

  30. So pretty Trina! I like family photographs in bedrooms- so much more personal. Love the photo of your mom holding you! You need to be on the lookout for more frames now for the wee-ones!


  31. Oh my I love the frames and the photographs. I have an entire wall dedicated to pictures going back four generations :-)

  32. So very pretty, Trina! It's so comforting to be surrounded by photos of friends and family. I love black/white photos the best for their special patina!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  33. Hello Trina, I agree with the comment above about following trends, and few people display their loved ones. I have many family photos in my family room, kitchen, bedrooms and dining room! I love them, and I love that I have great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, nieces, friends - they give me great pleasure! Good Job!

  34. What a great project and it's such a great feeling to have all your treasures displayed so nicely!

    ps...I made your pickles today! Monday will be test the pickles day!


  35. I randomly stumbled across your blog, and I love it! Your home is just gorgeous and reminds me of an updated version of my grandmother's farmhouse. Love, love it!

    I'm Lindsay, it's nice to meet you :)

  36. Hola Trina, so very beautiful home and garden you have created, I have loved everything in your blog. And oh may God bless your pregnancy, you and the babies!!!!
    Greetings from Chile,
    maria cecilia

  37. Hi Trina,

    I'm a new follower of your lovely blog. I really love what you did putting the photoframes in a group. Thanks for this good idea. I am very new at Blog land, so if you want to stop by, my blog is Daydream Living. Have a good weekend,

  38. Hi Trina,

    I'm a new follower of your lovely blog. I love what you did with the photoframes, thanks for sharing! I'm very new in Blog land, love it if you want to pass by my ramblings. Have a good weekend, Maureen

  39. I love your beautiful home Trina.I've used your home for inspiration but now I'm stuck and have a question.If you had to use curtains in your bedroom,what would you choose?I just have the cheap mini blinds not the beautiful wooden shutters that you have.Thanks

  40. Dear Anon.,
    The only rooms in our house with any window treatment are our bathrooms. They have wood shutters. I have thought of putting something up in the bedroom just to keep the light out while sleeping but there's six windows in a row and I think it would be too much fabric!

    ; ) Trina

  41. If I could ask: What kind of camera do you use? All of the photos on this site are beautiful, so crisp and clear. I'd love to produce the same.

  42. Hi NV Mom,

    I use a Canon Rebel xsi. Before that, I used a Canon one shot but images weren't nearly as crisp.


  43. Hi, I am a new follower and I am thrilled that I found your blog! Your photographs in those awesome frames are just wonderful!

    Hope you have a great weekend.


  44. I think it's time to edit here at this old farmhouse ...


    p.s. I have YOUR very camera

  45. Just thought I would let you know I passed on an award to you!
    Stop by and check it out!

  46. You've created a beautiful display out of people you love. We have a wall of timber frames, mismatched in size and colour, with pics of everyone (parents, grandparents, kids) as children. I just love it.

  47. YOU have inspired me. I think what caused me to pause a while back was that so many of the photos didn't fit. Scanning and resizing! brilliant!
    You know what...I republished & tweeked my last post because after reading this post I realized that I was crediting Monica Kosann's blog for one of my bedside photos. Only after reading further into her blog did I realize that she had authored this wonderful book.
    After reading your review & seeing how she inspired you, I'm picking up a copy at my favorite book store tomorrow.
    xoxo Lisa


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