Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Trimming the Tree

It's beginning to look more like Christmas around here. We hung our stockings...

...and Hubby built us a warm toasty fire.

We also put our Christmas tree up. I was in the kitchen when he called to me, "is this straight?"

We straightened it out and found all of our favorite ornaments to hang. Hubby's parents made it a tradition to give each of their six children (Hubby is the baby of six in his family) an ornament every year so there are lots of ornaments on our tree with a strong Hubby theme. By far, my favorite, and the one ornament I'm sure to hang most prominently on our tree, is the ornament I call, "Hunk of Love."

Here it is being showcased with careful consideration that plenty of light is cast its way. This ornament was given to him when he was in high school. He was on the basketball team, hence the basketball themed ornament. How cute is that!

You want a closer look you say?

Well I'm glad you asked because the very first Christmas we spent together, I made a larger copy in order to better appreciate all the fine details. The mullet (business in the front, party in the back), the 1980's tank top and the best part, the teenager stare... are what makes this ornament so special. I can't help but smile each time I look at it! Hubby finds this very amusing and always asks, "what mullet?"

Do you have any favorite childhood ornaments?

It was so nice to sit by the tree last night. Hubby read some David Sedaris holiday tales and we played several rounds of Backgammon in front of the fire. Hubby loves Backgammon, and I'm more of a Scrabble girl. So I'm sure we'll be playing lots of both over the holidays.

Happy holidays!


  1. Beautiful! I absolutely love the garlands- so fresh and simple! And it's nice to see we're not alone in getting our tree to stand straight.

    ps. love the mullet :)

  2. You have a very cute, hunk-o-love hubby! My hubs and I have been married for 27 years, right out of high school, so we have some of the same (ahem) adorable mullet photo's! Tee Hee! Merry Christmas...

  3. Your living room is just stunning. I love it! And the Christmas ornament is awesome.

  4. Love your tree skirt! Is it monogrammed?

  5. Hi Wendy, The tree skirt is not monogrammed but that sounds lovely! I found ours at Home Goods. ; ) Trina

  6. Very pretty and festive! I hope you have lots of fun with scrabble and backgammon over the holiday :) Awesome 80s pic too ;)

  7. I would just like to say that I grew up in rural Louisiana in the 80's. I (very) briefly possessed a mullet - but the man of the house's looked far more photogenic than mine.

    To console us all - I think this blog is overdue for some recognition (since it is one of my favorites). I'd like you to be a homie, if that's cool?


  8. Trina, your tree looks so pretty! The whole living room is a dream! I'm so happy that you got your new furniture in time for Christmas!
    I love the mullet! I think hubby looks even younger now! How does he do that?! I want to know his secret!! And he's such a sweet sport to be your model!
    And I totally agree with Nate.... this blog is long overdue for some major recognition!! That is very cool!!
    Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas!

  9. Yep I third that sentiment! We've all known for ages that you are a Magician Trina - you've created the most beautiful home from a Renovate or Detonate opportunity. Your Fan Club will back you all the way, with Nate as El Presidento.

    Thanks for sharing the before pics of your other 'project'. Again, you've done wonders with him too! Have the most wonderful Christmas Day tomorrow.
    Love Millie x

  10. Merry christmas to you Trina, hope you will have a great holiday! You`re new livingroom is gorgeous, I love it!

  11. Hi Trina,

    You guys are too cute. How adorable is that ornament and the story with it. The love that is in your life definitely spills over to your blog. Very enchanting. That's why I love reading your posts.

    The house looks nothing less that amazing. So beautiful and festive.

    Have a very Merry Christmas,



  12. Bella Bella everything is looking so lovely and warm - what a journey !! enjoy your holidays

  13. Everything looks beautiful! Merry Christmas! steve

  14. Hi Trina,

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day. All the planning and running around and it's over within a blink of an eye. We have only just put our tree up in time for Christmas, dragging our feet this year!!! Your living room looks amazing, everything is so gorgeous, I also noticed the cushions on the couch, yes I think it finishes it off nicely! Next thing is celebrations for New Years Eve. Have a safe one. We're going up to Mum & Dad's to let off some firecrackers. One of my brothers (and his family) have come home from Queensland for Christmas, so we'll dazzle them with lighting up the sky. Hope you have a safe New Year and look forward to seeing you post in 2010. Thanks for sharing.
    Take Care.
    Tasmania, Australia

  15. The living room is lovely. I laughed at loud when I saw the picture of your husband standing in front of the mantel WITH HIS BOOTS ON. I thought, "She lets him in the house with his boots on?!" I have three kids (and a no shoes in the house rule), so when they see me with shoes on in the house, they have to point it out. Funny. xoxo

  16. Hi RLG, Your comment made me laugh! We typically like to leave our shoes at the door here too, especially this time of year. Hubby attempted to slip them off in the entry but with a bundle of firewood in his arms, it didn't go very well! So I believe I said, "If you're sure that they're not dirty, you can leave them on!" So seeing him with his boots on in the picture makes me laugh out loud too! xoxo Trina

  17. Warm and cozy...just beautiful! I hope you are having a lovely holiday!

    : )

    Julie M.

  18. You strike the perfect balance between gorgeous, tidy, warm and cozy. Not an easy thing to do. A perfect backdrop for the festivities of Christmas! And is there a better way to get into the holiday spirit than reading David Sedaris (preferably aloud)?


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