Monday, October 19, 2009

The Den Revisited

Styling this space had its challenges. First, it's a small room and second, we were on a tight budget.

Let's start with a trip down memory lane...this is what we started with during the first round of the remodel three years ago. Oh look, more paneling!

This is after we tore down the paneling so we could paint - um, I mean, so we could figure out how to get the Jackson Pollock glue marks off the walls, before we could even dream of painting!

This is what became of this room after we dealt with the glue stains and painted the walls. This photo pretty much sums up our first year living in the house.

During our remodel, upgrades to the room included new Marvin replacement windows, new base and quarter round mouldings, and new paint (this was all done three years ago). The primary role for this room had been storage, so we've spent little time in here until now.

And here's our new den!

For the most part, we've furnished the den using items we already had. The armoire, an Ethan Allen piece I purchased at a consignment store several years ago, holds our old TV. And due to the small square footage of the room, subtitles are easy to read!

The writing desk is an old family piece, the wicker chair I stole from another room and the couch...that's right, the couch I swore to oblivion, is the couch that use to be in the living room. If anyone knows of a way to dye a couch slipcover, I would love to hear about it!

The salon wall was more difficult than I had expected! This was due to the plaster walls, which required each nail to be pre-drilled. This made it much more difficult to play around with the layout. All the art I used on this wall were pieces I already had or have recently re-framed.

Our budget for this 'new' room was minimal. In fact, I believe Hubby's budget advice was - don't spend any money! With that in mind, the only new items include...6x9 (a hard size to find) jute rug from The Company Store, an armchair from IKEA and a few throws and pillows from Home Goods.
There's still some finishing touches to a ceiling light! I was thinking of a mini chandelier but have also looked at some modern style fixtures. Also, we need to add some sort of coffee table to put cups of tea and other beverages on. I'm thinking it too will have some modern lines.


  1. That is quite a before and after! I love what you've done with the room. You are very talented! (There is fabric dye that is widely available, but I forget the name. My husband used to dye his jeans all the time. Though I think it's easier to go darker than to go lighter.)

  2. I have been reading your blog for a while now, but have never commented. I absolutely love your home! I look forward to all of your posts. The den looks great!

  3. It looks wonderful Trina! Another amazing transformation by you and hubby!

  4. Hi Trina,

    Of course it looks wonderful. I think a more modern light fixture would look great. Maybe one of those drum shades. I love those. Because your windows are new and energy efficient is that how you can leave them w/o coverings. I think they look so good that way. I couldn't do that. I was just wondering.


    ps. Love the salon wall grouping.
    I have the same problem w/my walls they are all old plaster that wants to crumble when you look at it. Hanging art is the hardest because mistakes are awful to fix.

  5. Your home is beautiful. You can tell from your lovely blog that you truly are "home" and loving every minute of it. It is an inspiration to look at all the hard work you have done.

    I have been trying to create the same atmosphere for my home to. For some reason, it has taken me years to really understand what it is I love and how to enjoy the process of decorating. I started a blog called "Living it at Home" to express myself and my love of home and decorating.

    If you would like to check it out at,

  6. Your room is so charming and just oozes personality. This really is an incredible transformation! I especially love your artwork. Hope you find some time to enjoy your space and put your feet up!

    Thanks for sharing. A real inspiration!

  7. Nice and cozy! Great job on the salon wall. I don't know about dyeing your slipcover, but there is a lot of buzz right now about printing on fabric.

  8. I just found your blog, I too have live in an old farmhouse in the country. Your work is stunning and beautiful.

  9. looks fabulous, definitely doesn't look like a budget do over.

  10. That old paneling must have been all the rage at one time. It's on every wall at our cabin, and I really want to change it. At least there was plaster underneath.

    Your den looks wonderful.

  11. love, love, LOVE your house!!! If i had a little country home I would want it to look just ike this! great job!

    ps- LOVE the ikea kitchen counter tops...what a steal!

  12. Hi Janet,
    I'll write you an soon! xoTrina

  13. Gorgeous room! Can you come over and decorate for me? I thought I had my style all sorted out and in the last month it has changed and I feel utterly incapable of deciding anything!

    Love the salon wall!
    xo Terri

  14. How do you clean your jute rugs?


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