Thursday, September 10, 2009

Looking Back

Our kitchen now.

Our kitchen then.

After switching templates, I had to go back and fix each photograph on my blog. This resulted in returning to those early days of the remodel. When I came across this old 'before' photo, I was reminded of how far we've come.

After having remodeled every stitch of this farmhouse, we're finally at the stage where we've been updating some of our original updates! It's exciting because now all the basics like electrical & plumbing, drywall and baseboards are done - it's such a luxury!
I'm finding that I have the energy and patience to really think about the small aesthetic details I felt too rushed and overwhelmed to contemplate during the early remodel. I'm reveling in these aesthetic details as I update our downstairs bathroom right now - photos to soon follow!


  1. We don't have the $$ to remodel or update the house right now (three teens, one going to college next year)--so I am enjoying following your progress. Keep posting your great pics!

  2. I love seeing "afters" and "befores" brings such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Your kitchen is a place I would like to spend time in, soaking in it's lovely vibe.
    Say hi to the horses for me -
    xo MC

  3. I really love your wood countertops, especially against the white. It's nice to be at the phase where you can step back and enjoy.

  4. I don't know Trina, I'm kinda liking the old kitchen!!!!hahahahahaha!!
    WOW!! Love seeing these photos together. As I always say, you & hubby have done an AMAZING job on your redo! You had wonderful 'vision'! Not everyone can see the diamond in the rough.... and this was rough!!
    More photos please!! j.

  5. Your original kitchen & our current one came from the same evil beings Trina! And go right ahead & revel, you've both done an amazing job, I can hear your house saying 'I'm so glad they found me!'
    Millie ^_^

  6. You have certainly polished the diamond in the rough! I love the warmth of the countertops.

  7. Trina,

    Isn't it amazing to go back and see what you started with. It really is an accomplishment. And also so rewarding. I just love your kitchen. The wood countertops and the display area for your dishes. And that big window! Just love it.


    p.s. I too was thinking of an unfinished bookcase and painting it white. But I also kinda like those stacking type bookcases that West Elm sells. I like the crisp modern edge to them.

  8. Can't wait to see the bathroom pictures. It is a true luxury to have the time to contemplate the details. I look forward to seeing what you do!

  9. Gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. I picture you sipping on a hot cup of tea or something yummy while cooking up a delicious meal.


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