Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sweet Little Owl

I reframed this owl print. This was actually a birthday present that I gave my Grandmother years ago. She loved birds. The print means a lot to me so I thought I'd give it a makeover with an old frame and a lighter mat.

Above is what it looked like before. As you can see it's more contemporary and not as crisp or bright with its darker frame and mats.

For the first time, I tried the Museum Grade UV Glass because I thought the UV Clear I used on my peony piece was too reflective. In fact, I ended up replacing the glass in the peony piece with the Museum Grade UV Glass as well.

Most of the art we have in our home are original oil or acrylic landscape paintings. But lately I've been framing up some prints because I'm working on a salon wall for our den.

The antique frame was $20 (what a deal!). Add in the custom cut Museum Grade UV Glass, which was $23, and the custom cut mat for $12, my new piece of artwork cost me $55.
But more than the affordable cost of hanging a new piece of art in my home, I am reminded of the memory of my Grandmother and her passionate love of nature.


  1. That's great looking. I like the change you made.

  2. Oh I love it's new frame. It looks so "you." Can't wait to see the salon wall. By the way, I used peaches and blueberries with your crisp topping and it was so good. Thanks for the recipe.


  3. Very elegant. I appreciate the before-after comparison. And I love the sweet owl!

  4. absolutely incredible makeover!!! you are incredibly talented!

  5. A lovely rejuvenation - your Grandmother would be thrilled!
    Millie ^_^

  6. Trina, I think this new (antique) frame is perfection! The owl looks so much happier, and more at home in it!! Lovely framing job. How dear that it was your Grandmother's and that you had given it to her... a gift that keeps on giving!

  7. He looks great! Definitely more at home now.

  8. oh i'm so jealous!!! hahahahh JUST PERFECT!! I love the frame & the vignette you did too!!

  9. I love the Albrecht Durer Little Owl print!! Darling. The ornate gold frame really gives it a prominent look and feel. Very nice. If you don't mind my asking - how large is the frame that it's in?


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