Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Drive

This is one of my favorite fields in the valley. I drove by it on my way up to a nearby lake this morning. It's very peaceful out here.

Less than a minute after taking this picture however, I was harassed by a few wasps. I decided to jump back in the car to get away from them but unfortunately, they jumped in with me.
Better yet, they were in my pants leg. Knowing the inevitable, I swatted at them. I felt the sting and that's when I jumped out of the car and pulled down my pants. In fact, I went further than that and took them off altogether.

Standing in the middle of the road with no pants on, I realized yet another luxury of living in the country. You may take your pants off anywhere you like without much fear that there will be witnesses.

Here's a familiar scene around here. The orchards are almost ready to harvest. The white boxes you see stacked will soon be filled with several varieties of ripe pears and apples. And you'll be glad to know that during this stop, I managed to keep my pants on.


  1. Bahaha! That is a great story (though I'm sorry about the wasp stings!). A similar thing happened to me a few months ago. We were vacationing with my parents at a cabin and I had just put my son to sleep, then I went to use el bano. When I, if you will, pulled down my pants, I accidentally squashed a wasp that had (unbeknownst to me) crawled up my pant leg while I was singing to my son. I was stung 7 times as I rapidly kicked off my pants. The poor little wasp laid on the floor, kind of twitching until it died. Then I walked around with no pants on for about 10 minutes. We later found a very-actively used wasp's nest IN the bedroom that my son was sleeping in...it's amazing he wasn't stung for the 2 nights he was in there.

    Anyway -- I can relate to your story of dropping your pants in a hurry to get the little stinging things out! Though I wasn't in a large, public field when it happened... =)

  2. OHMY!!! That is sooooo funny! Well, not the sting part, but the pants part!
    That top photo is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! You must pinch yourself everytime you drive by. "Look where you get to live!" One lucky girl I tell ya!
    I'm envious & happy for you at the same time!! Oh, and we're moving!!;)

  3. the gardeners cottageAugust 26, 2009 at 10:14 AM


    You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful, peaceful place. It is gorgeous. I once had a bee fly in the window of the car (thank goodness I wasn't driving) and go straight down my t-shirt! All I can say was boy did it hurt. And no I could not pull off my top.


  4. This is a beautiful place.
    I love this pictures.

  5. Trina, I am deathly allergic to wasps, so I am glad it was you and not me. However, I would have had those pants off in record time if it was me, no questions asked.
    Love the pictures, it looks like the Sound of Music. No, really. Amazing. Our Blue Ridge Mountains may be lovely but they are like Little Debbie cupcakes compared to this!

    Hope the stings have calmed,

  6. Oh Trina, what a story! But what a fantastic place to drop your dacks (Aussie for pants), the panoramic scenery is totally awesome.
    Millie ^_^

  7. the gardeners cottageAugust 27, 2009 at 8:39 PM

    Trina, my husband would like to know the name of the mountain in your picture. He is a mountain climber so he's always interested in peaks!


  8. Hi Janet,
    It's the lovely Mt. Hood. We've hiked on and around it but never to the top! Lots of people do though, year round! Trina

  9. Trina- Dan hiked to the top when he was in high school!
    The day after we were married we went to Timberline Lodge (with my parents!) on our way to Black Butte Ranch by Sisters. My dear father had us take a photo standing next to a recently planted tree, so that we could some day come back and see how big it has gotten! I wonder how big it is now?!! Sweet memories!
    Don't you just love Timberline Lodge?!


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