Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fresh Cuttings

I have begun to enjoy some of my first cuttings from the flower garden. This vase holds some Minuet Peony and David Austen's Windemere Roses. I can't stop smelling them. Whether cut or in the garden, I'm often found bending down to inhale their delicate beauty. I can't breathe deep enough.

Still wearing my pajamas, I wandered out into the yard this morning. I went to see all of the Iris blooming in an abandoned flower bed by the barn. They seemed so resolute and so regal standing tall against the weeds and overgrowth growing around them.

Saying hello to them was a wonderful way to start the day.


  1. Hi Trina! Beautiful flowers! I just found a white peony on the property and am thrilled!
    Sorry you can relate to the marble debacle!! Just last night I was telling Dan that I was so grateful for the blog world, because it makes you realize that all these things don't just happen to you and your house. It's always good to know you're not alone!
    OMGosh... for some reason I always thought you were in Washington, but I see you are in Oregon!! Dan and I were married at the Columbia Gorge Hotel (21 years ago next month!)- small world! We lived in Portland before moving to Dallas, before moving to NH! NH reminds us so much of Oregon, so we feel very at home here! But seeing your beautiful house and property does make me miss the Pacific NW! Good to meet you!

  2. I actually started this blog because so many stressful things were happening that I needed to MAKE myself focus on the positive things! Also, it was during the latter part of our remodel (it was rough) when I first discovered 'old house blogs' and it changed EVERYTHING! Not only did it inspire me to do my own blog, but I immediately felt so comforted and INSPIRED, which really helped us see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. AND we're not far from the Columbia Gorge Hotel! Did you know that they had to close their doors? In fact, many weddings planned for this summer had to find new venues. It's very sad and we're hoping that someone very wonderful buys it and opens its doors again. We love the Hotel! AND I use to live in Western Maine - so it's very nostalgic to look at your blog xo Miss it sometimes...but I agree, the Northwest and New England are very similiar. So nice to meet you Joan! ; )

  4. No, I had no idea about the hotel... that makes me so sad; it's such a gorgeous location I bet someone will buy it like you said.
    Yes, this old house remodel business isn't for wimps!! We're still dealing with some ugly stuff that's just too painful to talk about... I do better talking about it "after" it's been fixed. Glad you understand!

  5. Hi Trina, your flowers look so good. I'm freaking 'cause the rain came just as my peonies were blooming. Now they're all droopy.

  6. I know, we had rain too! The peonies made it ok (only one was fully open and it got brown) but my roses got the worst of it : ( And then I found aphids on my roses!!! I think I got rid of them but I've been like mother hen watching over them. Hopefully, your peonies will bounce back!! : ) I just got a bouquet of Sandra Bernhardt Peony at the Farmer's Market yesterday - they make my heart go pitter pat. Just LOVE them ; )


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