Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Guest House


This is the only before picture I have of the guest house. Nevertheless, I think wood paneling and 1970's carpeting pretty much sums it up. This cozy one-room apartment is where we first lived while we were gutting the main house.

Before we moved in, we removed the carpeting (relieved to discover hard wood floors) and painted all of the wood paneling.


I bought this pie safe when hubby and I were dating back in Idaho. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit in our kitchen in the main house, but it works quite nicely here in the guest house.

The kitchen cabinets are original, we just put a fresh coat of paint on them. The oak table came from Maine and had been my kitchen table for many years. The oak chairs are from my Grandmother's house.

The guest house had been rented out as an apartment and had a stove and refrigerator in it when we bought it. We removed those items but someday we would like to install a small refrigerator under the counter top.

You can see the main house in the reflection of the cabinet glass. This little cabinet was purchased back in Maine, but looks like it's been in the kitchen forever.

To the left of the pie safe is the bathroom door.

Small but sweet.

I love this old Eastlake nightstand. I got this for $95 in the city and just fell in love with all of the intricate notched carving.

Both the dresser and the mirror are pieces I picked up in Maine. The door to the left is a closet.

We still have some work to do in the guest house. Eventually, we'll refinish wood floors, put in new windows, install new kitchen counter top, add little refrigerator...and other odds and ends. For now, it offers guests a rustic little space of their own while visiting.


  1. and what a perfect little guest space it is! I'm loving that glimpse of white curtain too.

  2. What a great spot! I love the quaintness and all the beautiful pieces of furniture you have been collecting. Great job!

  3. Beautiful! You have really a sophisticated gusto!

  4. Oh, great!, couldn't be any better..

    I work on old houses but usually very do it yourself and without much help so takes a while. Once involved in restoration it is much easier to relate and understand the joy by the time you take the after photos. My restorations are not as perfect or sophisticated but feel good having salvaged the life of a house.

    Great beautiful floors, love the white paint, you did an excellent job! scroll to restorations, sharing...


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