Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Walk to the Honey Bees

Our walk to the honeybees was just a short walk from the house. It's not an unfamiliar sight to see bee boxes around here as the farmers use them in their orchards to pollinate the fruit trees, but being up close and personal was pretty exciting.

The bees were buzzing wildly under the warm sun. It hadn't occurred to me that they might sting us --- until I realized that were thousands of them.

Although the honey bees were quite mesmerizing, we decided to continue on with our walk.

LOVE to explore the horse stables.

And a stable is not a stable without a few stable cats and several varieties of stable dogs. This little guy below was fierce. Never said a word but stood very strong.

We continued down the road and came across the field horses. I said, "okay, get in formation so I can take a picture."

They did.

These horses run free in this big field here that they share with several heads of cattle. When they spot us walking down the road (which we often do), they run towards us full speed. I'd like to say that they're just happy to see us but in actuality, they're hoping that we have a few apples stashed away in our pockets. We never do as we're hesitant to feed horses that aren't ours so we kind of feel bad when all we can offer is verbal adoration and scratches behind the ears.

As you can see in Mama's eyes, she'd prefer the apple.

Our journey continued to the alpaca farm. They are so cute you just want to squeeze their soft little cheeks!

It was getting near dusk by this time, so it was time to wander on home.

As our walk came to a close, I felt like a kid again having
played outside the entire day.

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  1. Very much enjoying your new-to-me blog these past couple of days. Had to smile at your photo of the stable dog above, as the proud owner of a Boston - sounds a lot like ours (quiet, but stands strong ... until you give him a sign that you're interested in him, at which point he breaks into wiggle-butt action and just wants to smother you with kisses). How wonderful to live so close to all of that beauty. Thanks for sharing!


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