Monday, January 12, 2009

Root and Wine Cellar

Call me crazy but when we first did a walk through of our future house-to-be, I fell in love with the basement. It's a large daylight basement with nice concrete floors, several old windows, a laundry room, a workshop with two large antique work benches, a back door leading up old concrete stairs AND the most adorable old-fashioned root cellar.

Having lived in Maine for my entire twenties, I became well acquainted with basements and their practical beauty. And I thought one day, one day, I will have a house with a basement and in that basement, I will have myself a root cellar.

Well we expanded on that idea and over the past weekend, we finally set up our root and wine cellar.

Where the canning will be stored.

Where the wine will be stored.
These racks are fabulous examples of old-fashioned practicality. The tall long rack is an old Bass shoe rack from Maine. A wonderful organic wine shop I use to frequent in Maine used these racks to display wine and I thought it was such a wonderful revitalization of beautiful craftsmanship.
The green rack is an old bread rack. Again, I just love making use of something that was so tenderly used for something completely different.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year's Day Blessing

We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the New Year than with a walk down to see the horses. As a special treat, we brought some apples to help celebrate.

This is an action shot - of me walking.

This is Abby's first bite of her New Year's Day apple.

She kindly ate half...chewed, and was ready for more.
You can't be afraid of a little horse drool. 

I love Abby. 

Here are some of our other stable friends...

She loves her braids.

They are so snuggly soft with their winter coats.

If she were mine, I'd call her Kindness.

Christmas 2008

It was all about a cozy fire...

...and stockings with treats too.

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